Bill Gates Explains Why We Should All be Optimists

Maintaining a positive attitude definitely favors our mental and physical health. To think that everything will go well and act with confidence when the difficulties intensify is not a utopia but the psychologically most effective and profitable option because our body and mind work better, helping us to cope with adversities and to come out more quickly, and even strengthened. Here on wibidata, we will tell you it is always good to maintain a positive attitude and that’s what the founder of Microsoft, the bill gates himself believes.

Guest Editor of Time Magazine


Time magazine is a reputable media news source which has been conveying authentic news for 94 years. In the 94-year history of this prestigious magazine, they have never given someone the honor to guest edit their issue. But this year for the first time, they invited none other than the king of Microsoft to write for them.

Bill Gates was the first ever guest editor for Time Magazine on January 4, 2018.

As you might already know, Bill Gates is a great reader himself and even if you didn’t know that already, we at wibidata are telling you that he is indeed a good reader who enjoys reading books. In fact, he says that books are important for us to grow as human beings.

But this time he wrote something for the world to read and all the honor was for Time Magazine. This wasn’t the first interaction between esteemed Bill gates and this news outlet, Bill Gates has been on time magazine’s cover for quite a lot of times in the past but mostly he was the one written about. But this time he wrote for the magazine himself and he did quite a good job.

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Why People are Losing Optimism Today?


According to Bill Gates, the people nowadays are losing optimism due to all the terrible news being show on media. Whenever we turn on the TV, bad news is usually waiting for us.

A new terror attack somewhere in the world or some hate speech by someone we considered a role model or it might be some other crime news, these kind of negativity surrounds us every time we watch news. These things drain our energy and make us pessimistic and sad about the future of the world.

Pessimism is Bad for us

Pessimism is bad for us not just as a society but as an individual as well. If you are pessimistic, your thoughts will revolve around catastrophes, you will create in your mind the worst possible scenarios. Deep down you are absolutely convinced that nothing you do will have a better life, that your actions are worthless and that you are not competent enough.

This takes a toll on us and we fail to flourish and fail to become a productive person for the society. Surely you ask yourself often, why should I try it if it will not work anyway? You prepare for the worst and for failure, you are so convinced that your mind creates traps for you all the time.

Pessimism drains us and our society. It hinders the growth of the society.

Believe us when we say at this platform of wibidata that if you are a pessimistic person, you not only affect yourself but you also hinder the nourishment of society. You should try to be optimistic, whatever path you choose will be right for you and will be respectable. But as far as welfare is concerned, obtain better achievements, be more successful, enjoy positive relationships, have more positive emotions and find a meaning and purpose to your existence

Why Shouldn’t We be Pessimist?


Bill Gates says that we should be optimistic he gives a lot of reasons for us to be optimistic. In fact, he says that the world is far better place now than what it used be many years ago. He says that all the progress the world has done should make us proud and happy about how far we have become.

It is no doubt that the bad news always catches the eye and becomes the center of attention but that doesn’t mean that good news isn’t there. In fact, society has grown so much that many of the bad commodities of the past have been abolished completely. What are we at wibidata talking about? Let’s see

  1. Decrease in child mortality rate:

In his editorial, Bill Gates said that if we see the mortality rate in the past, we will notice that it was far greater than what it is now. In the eighties and nineties, many of the children used to die before reaching the age of 5 years. Diseases were more prevalent and deadlier than they are now. But thanks to the science and technology, the mortality rates have been improved a lot.

  • Acknowledgement of LGBTQ rights

In the past LGBTQ rights weren’t acknowledged, gays and lesbians were looked down upon and even killed for mere life style choice. Now a days, our society has become more welcoming and receptive. We are considerate and open about it. LGBTQ community can live in peace without fearing about their lives. If we see that, it is a quite big growth to be honest.

  • Increase in Women’s right

Women’s rights weren’t acknowledged in the past. Women were deprived of basic human rights they didn’t have the right to vote or have a job for themselves. But now women are considered equal and they are flourishing and working with men side by side.

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Why We Need Optimism more than Ever?

Bill Gates says that we as a society need optimism more than ever. We have all the reasons to be optimistic now. If we see the societal progress than we would realize that the world is constantly becoming a better place and if we want it to continue its growth, we should be optimistic and open to change.

This is the only way, we can make this world a better place for our future generations. A place where things are good and bad news is scarce. We, at wibidata, hope that there would be a day when only the good news will be on TV media without an ounce of negativity.

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