Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

2016 was touted as the year of videos. And since then, the videos have been seen, making its presence felt in different parts of the business. It has been time and again proved that businesses have gained immensely because of video marketing.

But, usage of video marketing for small businesses is something that we are still figuring out. For small businesses, video marketing is still a new concept. Thus, to make them familiar with video marketing, let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of video marketing:

  1. Brand Visibility – Video is considered to be the best content to connect with people. People recognize and recall videos the most. And, with video marketing, the online presence of your business jumps up multiple times. By creating the correct video and required content, the video will spread like fire, and your brand visibility will be created like never before. With picture video makers also, you can create stunning videos and slideshows using your pictures as well.
  2. Web Presence – In today’s times, it is very difficult to survive in the long run without having an online presence of your business. With video marketing, you can register your online presence, and soon you will notice that your business will flourish like anything. With an online presence, you will gain an extra audience set, and thus, your business will gain.
  3. Better Google Rankings – One of the biggest reasons why Google loves videos is that they keep people engaged. And, if you have a good video presence, your videos will be highly loved and appreciated. And having a good Google ranking will help your business in the long run in several ways.
  4. Drives Social Media Engagement – With Video marketing, your videos can be shared on different social media sites. This increases your social media presence, and thus, you can gain several followers, which will boost your small business sometime or the other.
  5. Facebook Marketing – You might have come across Facebook marketing where you have witnessed that video marketing is used, and business is promoted. There are different seller’s groups on Facebook where the sellers use video marketing to showcase their products and sell them. This enables us to reach a different set of customers other than what they regularly see in their shops. Through video marketing and Facebook, you will be able to tap customers sitting at a completely different geographical location.
  6. Video marketing can stir emotions – Yes, with video marketing, you can add a personal touch, which is phenomenal. Video marketing helps to reach the correct set of customers. With video marketing, you can imbibe different emotions, be it happiness or excitement, and thus, the same gets reflected in your video as well.
  7. Quite Inexpensive – Many think that video marketing requires a lot of money and technical skills. But that is not the case. For inception, you need a basic camera and beginner-level technical skills. And that’s it. You don’t need to be a pro at camera or editing for video marketing. For small business houses, being a regular at camera and editing will easily serve the purpose.
  8. Boosts Memory – Video marketing is much more relatable. With videos, people get to see, and thus, recognize your face. As soon as people see your face, it activates the fusiform facial area of the brain. This section of the mind governs facial recognition, which is important for information and believability. And thus, people can connect with you much more with videos.
  9. Drive Sales – Video marketing is known to boost sales. Since more and more people rely on digital shopping these days, video marketing sales are boosted multiple times. And thus, the profitability is also enhanced.
  10. Product Clarity – With video marketing, you can easily explain your products. You can explain the complete origin and the inspiration for the product. Other than this, how the product can be useful to the customers and its various pros and cons can also be explained easily. This makes video marketing quite favorable for customers. And you won’t believe it, but if you place your videos on your website, then it has been proven that more and more customers buy goods after watching the products.
  11. Video Appeal to Mobile Users – Videos and mobiles are quite inseparable. Since most people are glued to their mobile these days, most of the videos are watched on the mobile-only. And thus, try to create videos so that it is favorable for mobile users. This way, your business will experience a jump in a very short time. With an online video editor, you can make your videos crisp, and thus it will be perfect for mobile users.
  12. Educational Videos As Well – With video marketing, the plus point is that you can create a different set of videos, with different objectives. For instance, all of your videos need not be directed towards sales only. Try to go for different sets of videos too. Create an education video or just get to know yourself video. This will create a positive mindset in your customers’ minds, and they will be looking forward to more of your videos.
  13. Trust Building – Customers these days feel confident about a brand that has an online presence. And thus, it is imperative to show your customers that you are not only present at the digital medium, but also you are active there. With regular videos and regular posting, your customers will be confident that you are very active at social media sites. Thus, you can be easily reached through digital mediums as well.

So, with the above benefits of video marketing, we are sure that now you are all geared up to film videos for your small business. This will give a boost to your small business, and you will start noticing a difference in the long run.

I am a traveler by profession. I created BackpackUnion to give people a better view of the product before they make such an important purchase.

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