How to Analyze user Behavior for E-commerce website

User sessions, website bounce rates, a real-time user on the website, geo-location language spam, organic spam, and user events are important for us to track them.

Simple Things to keep in mind while tracking user behavior for E-Commerce Website.

  1. User Search Behavior

Unless you are offering a modest bunch of items, you have a pursuit box on your web-based business site. Clients tend to utilize the hunt include on lot of sites since it causes them find what they are searching for, a considerable measure speedier. Isn’t that so? As a rule, yes, however in the event that you aren’t following your list items, you won’t know. Here are a few things to track:

  • Use Search Queries
  • Did the user have search for the site search option when they haven’t found any product on your site?
  • Have you linked your Google Analytics with Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) to see that how many clicks you have got for a particular product? And do your product pages’ items need to be rearranged?

Checkout Behaviour

Thanks to the latest software programs like outmarket which are leading in product innovation and can help you with the proven records of data. They help you for arranging your products of your dedicated product page.


Goals & Funnels

We all know Google Analytics and many another top-level website tracking tools, which provide Goals and Funnel tracking flow which they have showcased.

Funnel Picture

Important funnel to set up:

  • Product process checkout – The entire process takes the tracking process whenever the user comes to the website and adds the product to the cart and purchase the product.
  • User Sign Up – You always need to keep the provision of your new user Signup which are your actual conversions for new users. However, if you are a brand it is obvious that you will have an entire class of repeated or returning users which can be tracked with another set of goals.


New Users Tracking

Users Tracking

Returning User Tracking

Returning User Tracking

Contact Form Tracking

When you are talking about new user signups to the entire product checkout it is important to track all the events and user interaction with the product. It is recommended to use Google Tag Manager to track all the complex events by user interaction. It is not at all an issue if the product page is returning the “thank you page URL”, but what if it won’t return the static URL and you still want to convert the goals of that particular forms. All you need to do this complex tracking with the help of GTM along with custom JavaScript definition custom variable option.

Contact Form Track

Ecommerce Setup

Revenue and Conv

We still have the biggest challenge with us how we can view the event funnel flow (like what we see in Goal Funnel) when we have tracked all the events. Hence, I am lucky that I found some of the User Behavioural tools which are helpful when it comes to the different form tracking there are some marketing tools available which will help you to track and get better user idea they are Mouseflow, Hotjar, MouseStats, and Zarget.

Retaining Customers

When it comes to tracking retaining customer Google Analytics gives you the best solution. Please follow the screen-shot showcased as under:

Real-time view:

Retaining Customers



Before we begin breaking down the information, we have to know how it is gathered.


Google Analytics utilizes treats to track the user interaction. with the help of user’s cookies of particular browser and it’s stored. This is possible with the help of asynchronous tracking code provided by Google.

However, when the user visits the website with any of the new devices namely from the desktop, mobile or tablet it is considered as the new visits. Hence, whenever they clear the cookies and visits from the same devices its is considered as a new visitor.

The trouble is the data which Google Analytics provides is not accurate.

Product Groupings

If you have a huge number of products on your site, it can get hard to track which ones are doing great and which ones aren’t. One thing that you ought to do is gather your items together on the backend of your site, so you can get and comprehension of what kind of products are offering and which ones aren’t.

However, it is important to do product grouping and it is only possible if you have bifurcated the product with its unique product id, thanks to Enhance E-Commerce analytics code which provides collective insights of user’s interaction. Please refer the sample screen-shot showcased as under:

Ecommerce Overview

Primary Dimension

Primary Dimenison 2

Hence, with the strong analysis of landing pages as well as the product pages you always get an option to judge which products are gaining maximum revenue. This is the best way to set you MoM (Month over Month) & YoY (Year over Year) targets for the current year as well as the forthcoming year, however, you can use this formula for the revenue and estimation traffic which is

  1. Current year traffic (-) Previous year traffic / Previous year traffic * 100
  2. Current year revenue (-) Previous year traffic / previous year traffic * 100


When you are following distinctive activities on your site, focus on the ones that can give you noteworthy information.

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