Top SEO Techniques for Higher Rankings in YouTube

“YouTube” is a word commonly heard by everyone in our daily life. It is one of the largest online platforms, most importantly playing a crucial part in our entertainment.

The platform offers top grade audio and video services. It is constantly growing every second along with offering employment opportunities to the huge population.

About more than 600-700 videos are uploaded every minute. It has also added a new feature “shorts” adding to the entertainment content.

But here the important question arises “how to produce, publish and optimize great video content?” The answer is simple YouTube SEO Techniques.

Rank Youtube SEO

SEO Techniques for a platform like YouTube

SEO which stands for search engine optimization is the basic criteria of designing web content for making them rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

This adds to the increase in traffic along with the following growth. In YouTube optimization includes optimization of your video, playlist, description, etc. both in and outside the platform.

The entire game in SEO is for gaining good numbers of views. A view is counted if any individual has watched the video for at least 30-40 seconds.

However a repeated view is counted as a new view, but multiple views in a single day from the same individual might be treated as spam and not added to the total view count.

This is a technique to add on spam. Therefore, it would be good to say that the YouTube business is all about the trading of views.

A new feature that comes here is audience retention. It shows how many watched the video till the end, and at what point they stop watching it.

  1. Keyword – Here keyword means your video keyword. It has to be unique to avoid any spam from the parent platform Google. Good and well-used keywords aids in gaining attraction.

Also, target a specific keyword to increase the website traffic. The audience can check as many keywords as they need at once, thus saving much time.

Keywords marked with the video icon are the one should be prioritized for your YouTube content enrichment. Always remember, to target your audience use a cool and helpful keyword.

  1. Optimize Tag and Video – Most importantly avoid using too many tags. In videos essentially add a good and easily understandable description of your video.

For marketing purposes tag the brands for easy reach of the viewers. By adding on tags, take your time to analyze what your audience searches for, and what is in trend these days to attract them.

The video title reflects the video’s topic, thus it has to include the keyword or phrases that you want to rank. For good ranking make sure your title fits the 60-character limit to avoid being cut off on result pages.

An optimized description helps viewers find your videos easily through a quick online search. Remember that the first 2-3 lines of your video description will show up in the video search results.

YouTube allows descriptions of 5,000 characters long, but do remember it doesn’t mean that your mission is to take up all the space if a single line fulfills the purpose of the video.

  1. Language – Your viewers belong to different places both in and outside the country. Use different languages for your subtitles. This will add to your viewer’s broadband.
  2. Thumbnail – Use an eye-catching thumbnail to attract viewers of different age groups. It lets the viewer understand the contents of your video and decide whether to go forward to watch the video or not. The thumbnail should be more informative which will eventually raise credibility.
  3. Watch Time – To make your viewers involved in the video use some attractive content to keep them engage in the first – seconds of your video. YouTube as an entertainment platform favors the videos which provide them, viewers.

So keeping this in mind, use soothing content in your videos to make them trending. With aiming to gain viewers, you need to make the video of good quality.

Here high-resolution videos are required. This is appreciated by both YouTube artificial intelligence and your daily audience.

With this, you can too think of switching to HD format for high quality. Add timestamps for long videos to increases the engagement of the viewers.

While editing your video on YouTube, you can add a list of timestamps and their titles in the description box. Your video should most probably have 3 to 4 timestamps all listed in ascending order as the length of each chapter not exceeding 10 seconds each.

  1. Playlist – Sub-categorize your playlist by adding 3-4 videos adding subtitles to them. This will help in sharing multiple videos at a time by simply sharing a link.

With the increasing number of people joining the internet servers, the traffic on YouTube is also increasing.

The audience’s engagement with your videos increases outreach i.e. if the viewers are active in comments, and willingly click other videos on your channel, the YouTube will eventually start recommending your videos to a wider range of people globally.

The engagement goes double handly, so be active in comments and show appreciation towards your viewers. Show your audience your appreciation towards their activity, and communicate with them, too.

This appreciation will work in this scenario to gain subscribers and add on viewers. With digitization a plus point comes here that now you can share the link to your YouTube video on any other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to target a different set of your active audience.

These people may even visit your YouTube channel and watch some more videos as they wish. By this, you may try to encourage your audience to follow the link and watch more videos on YouTube.

You can also upload your video straight on the platform as a native one and add a link to your YouTube channel in the description.

However, link-building tactics around your videos can boost your enthusiasm to attract more traffic. Invite other people to share your videos by highlighting the links and tags in your video description.

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