Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Digital Advertising

A digital advertising never stands still, thus it constantly needs to evolve and improve to keep up with the times. Brands that use digital advertising are often reluctant to spend their allocated budget when it isn’t clear what they’ll be getting in return.

Plus, there are no clear core deliverables so it’s in any digital advertisers’ best interests to stay one step ahead of the game. In layman’s terms, it’s similar to going to the grocery store to buy food, paying for it, and then getting home and realizing your bags are empty! How can digital advertisers improve what they do, from the ground up?

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1. Be More Creative, Innovative and INVENTIVE

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Any sort of advertising needs to not only be memorable, but it also needs to be evocative too. You’re supposed to be inviting potential consumers to your brand, not driving them away with something that might irritate them. Think creatively about ways to drive people towards you with advertising and look to innovate in the way you broadcast.

We live in a world that is no longer dominated solely by television and radio. Ads must be a cross-platform experience. Thus, each advertisement, even if it is the same, must design according to the device on which it is viewed/listened to with the same care and the same attention.


2. Learn About the Importance of Brand Safety

The safety of the brand you’re working with should be paramount as is viewability. Data is the answer to the prayers of all digital advertisers. But not if it is misused, or not used effectively enough.

You risk doing irreparable damage to a brand that might previously have had good standing. Knowing how important this is and going back to basics by taking specialized Digital Advertising Courses to get your skill set refreshed can go a long way to helping understand why this is so important.

Understanding the skills that are needed to interpret data requires the help of specialized data scientists; who can then recommend proper, actionable strategies.


3. Review Any Advertising Fraud

Industry professionals need to make the market a lot more transparent for their buyers. To do this, one solution is to work more closely with advertising fraud specialists who will be able to minimize any damage and look to create workable solutions for any problems that do occur, not to mention damage limitation. One part of this is developing clear standards to measure performance, and not rely on guesswork to see how a campaign is performing.


4. Help to Create a Leveller Playing Field

Companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft pay fees so that they are whitelisted with advertisement blockers. But this can often create an unlevel playing field for those smaller independent companies, who struggle to get seen and heard.

A level playing field in this area means that everyone is then accountable for their own performance. It retains balance and it means that everyone has the opportunity to operate fairly. Also, it may seem unachievable, but it’s the easiest way to ensure that all digital advertisers. It can ensure that they maintain high levels of quality, accountability and sustainability throughout the industry and across all platforms.


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