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encryption key management

What Is Encryption And How Does It Work: 5 Things To Know

Are you looking for some essential pieces of encryption? Do you want to know far more than the basic knowledge of Encryption? Then…
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7 Tips On How To Keep Your British Shorthair Well And Happy

  Owning a cat proves to be helpful not just in our home but for our mental health too. These majestic creatures are…
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Database Design Diagram

Can Poor Planning Hamper Your Database Design?

Many DBAs say that the database design can be subject to several errors. One of the most common ones being poor planning which…
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Everything you need to Know About 9xmovie Watch Movies for Free Download in 2021

Have you been looking for a piracy website to watch your favorite movies and TV shows? Well if yes, then this is the…
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Cybersecurity Measures

6 Cybersecurity Measures to Take in 2020

All about Cybersecurity Measures: News headlines often make it seem as though data breaches and cyberattacks only happen to large organizations. In reality,…
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Security Pic

5 Ways to Protect Customer Information

Cybercrime is the greatest threat to companies at the moment, according to IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty. Whether you run a large or small…
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Cybersecurity Risks Faced by Businesses

New Cybersecurity Risks Faced by Businesses and How to Mitigate Them

The growing number of cyberattacks isn’t the only cause for concern at the moment; especially for businesses whose operations rely on cloud solutions…
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cyber security image

Your Guide to Investing in Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is more important than ever. As big brands and small businesses continue to face threats of malicious online activity. The needs for…
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Bill Gates Explains Why We Should All be Optimists

Maintaining a positive attitude definitely favors our mental and physical health. To think that everything will go well and act with confidence when…
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Top 5 tools to live stream your Event online 2019

Live video streaming has outpaced other online equivalents, and it is safe to say that 2018, so far, is the year of live…
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