How To Use Social Media For Ecommerce Marketing

Statista says that 30% of US internet users between 18 to 34 years old said they purchased something via social media. For those who thought that social media is not anything more than something to pass time, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

For anyone selling anything online: millennials form a good segment of those you want to target. Primarily because millennials grew up in the age of the internet and social media. Social media isn’t something where you merely post content and expect to drive traffic. It’s a place to drive conversions in real-time.

Think Of Your Ecommerce Marketing Goals

To know where you want your eCommerce project to go to you need to have a plan regarding what you want to achieve.

If you publish a lot of content on social media and never monitor the progress of the content, there’s simply no point in publishing so much. To know if your direction’s right you need to keep track of what’s happening. You must specify parameters of success or all the posting is just a futile attempt that wastes time and energy.

You should have a plan for the amount of traffic you’re planning on getting. You should set benchmarks for follower numbers, conversions, and other core metrics too.

Provide Value

As an eCommerce retailer, you are not simply going to achieve a good following if you simply post several links to products. It’s important to establish content in a manner that will help followers.

This is possible by talking about issues and creating content around things that are pain points. Speak to these interests and issues.

You can tie in branding and promotional content but shouldn’t launch into a pure sales pitch. Highlight what the brand has to offer. When you talk about things that the company offers you are able to show your brand in a positive light.

Provide Even More Value With A Blog

To highlight your products and drive more traffic the most effective strategy is to have a blog. Blogging, despite something millions do, can serve to inspire, educate, and entertain customers. Finally the blog posts you pen serve to convert raw traffic to paying customers.

Producing content on a regular basis establishes the blog as a voice of authority and clarity.

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Optimize Social Media For Keywords

Keywords alone can’t push your social media posts up high on a user feed. That said they are a great starting point.

It will help you get more brand exposure and especially to new audiences who haven’t heard of you. With the correct keywords and hashtags, you will win on social media. You need time to do hashtag and keyword research to uncover content marketing benefits. the topic at hand. Keyword research is the foundation of any marketing strategy. You get new users for your content. Images and visuals are a great addition.

What do you think of our tips and tricks? Do let us know in the comments below.

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