Should You Create a Business TikTok?

Studies show the average American spends 5.4 hours per day on their phones, with teens topping out at an astounding 7 hours per day. 52 minutes of that time (on average) is dedicated to TikTok. That is at least 1/5 of their time that can be exposed to your business and advertising.

TikTok is a great way to advertise to an online audience, specifically Gen-Z and Millennials. Targeting young people to build lifelong customers is critical to a business model. Should you create a business TikTok?

A Case for Creating a Business TikTok

TikTok is the perfect app to advertise to the “short attention span” generation. When presented with the choice of watching a video or reading text about the same information, 72% of people prefer watching videos. TikTok videos range from 15 to 60-second clips.

With TikTok, advertising content can be created quickly, easily, and cheaply and can be in front of users’ eyes in an instant.

Creating Your TikTok Strategy

So, you have created your TikTok for business. Here are some tips on how to make a business TikTok video.

Create Fun and Interesting Content

Try not to think of your videos in a “traditional” advertising sense. Users are on TikTok mostly for entertainment. So entertain them! Create fun, unique and interesting content that users will want to watch, meanwhile integrating your advertising message into it.

Don’t forget to use the video features like adding music and effects. Some users also like to use the same filters on each of their videos to create a specific visual branding.

Chipotle’s TikTok is the gold standard on how to run an entertaining business account while also serving advertisement messages.

Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges create user engagement while simultaneously promoting your business. There are two ways to go with a hashtag challenge: you can participate in an already existing hashtag challenge or you can create your own.

Participating in a current hashtag challenge shows your brand’s creativity and willingness to be a part of something fun. It displays your brand and encourages user interaction.

Creating your own hashtag challenge takes a little more work and strategy, but the payoff can be huge. You will need to invent the details of the challenge, making it something that users will want to capture themselves doing, then create a catchy hashtag to go along with it.

Fashion brand Guess created the first hashtag challenge, #InMyDenim. They asked TikTok users to show how they wear their Guess jeans. The hashtag has millions of views and is still getting engagements.

Interact With Influencers

Getting influencers to rep your brand is the current trend of advertising on social media. Younger users tend to buy into influencer hype over traditional ads. Make sure the influencer’s followers align with your target audience.

Simply interacting with other users can spawn further engagements. This can increase eyes on your videos and filter more traffic to your sales page.

Additional Advertising

Feeling confident on how to advertise on TikTok? Along with these creative advertising methods, you can also try more traditional advertising as well.

TikTok offers native content, brand takeovers, and branded lenses. Native content is ads that play between videos, brand takeovers are ads that appear before any other content is shown to the user, and branded lenses are TikTok filters designed to relate to your business.

With sales being the ultimate goal, you can also buy TikTok views which can lead to a surge in sales.

Don’t Wait, Start Today!

Like most social media platforms, it’s always better to get into the game sooner than later. Create your business TikTok, start making videos and begin growing your following right away. What are you waiting for?

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