Relaunching Your Website Without Affecting SEO

Can it be time and energy to own a site make over? Re-launching your internet site is a fascinating adventure. You’re going to receive yourself a fresh appearance and style and design which most reflects your brand new. Altering up your internet site every once in awhile could be mandatory as Google calculations vary and you also should always stay informed about these alterations. The secret to internet site re-launching will always be to at all times guarantee you keep up a specialist, easy to use and easy style and design.You have to become somewhat mindful when re launching your internet site to steer clear of decreasing your rank. Don’t forget that search engines previously crawled and found your online pages, therefore, be certain that you do not overlook the power and positions you’ve got assembled. This is the way to guarantee a smooth change over if re launching your website.

Revaming a Site for SEO

Redirect All Pages To New Corresponding URL

Ensure that you check all the URLs on your website that drove organic traffic and make sure they’re redirected to the new URLs. This will be certain you don’t lose any link traffic and equity. Sometimes, you’ll need to redirect every page manually. It might be lots of work when you have thousands of pages. You can take a spreadsheet to keep track of all your new and old URLs and be sure they are all correctly moved. The idea is to make certain that you don’t shed link authority by ensuring all old URLs are properly redirected.

“Nonindex” The Web Pages

To make certain you don’t confront any duplicate content problems, ensure to use the meta robots tag. This merely tells search engines to bypass specific pages when crawling the new site. Doing this is incredibly simple if you’re using a CMS such as WordPress. Meta robots tag instructs search engines to skip those pages in their results database

Move The Website In Phases

Doing this is more likely to assist you prevent the potential for failure when relaunching your site. Consider moving the website in phases. Start with a single subdomain then a subcategory and then the subdirectory. As you move each section, give it time for Google to crawl it and see how well that’s worked out before you proceed with the next segment.

Have An Updated Sitemap

Most folks forget that a new site will require a new sitemap also. You must be certain that the new URLs are added to the site. For those who have different kinds of content, consider different sitemaps for each. This is particularly important when the URL of your sitemaps will be changing when you start the new version of your site.

Attach Your Social Accounts

The relaunched site also has to get referrals from your social account. Begin by visiting all of your social networking pages and adding hyperlinks to the relaunched website. This includes links of articles which you’ve shared on social media previously. Make certain your SEO does not get affected when you relaunch the site. Aim to provide better user experience and keep your site relevance even as you take action to increase your branding online.

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