A Quick Guide to SEO for Different Industries in 2020

  • July 20, 2020
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Search Engine Optimization is based around one simple principle: user-friendliness. Search
engines, notably Google, have spent a lot of time, energy, and money developing algorithms
to sort through information on behalf of their users. Not only do they want to provide the right
answer to any query, but they also want to make sure that their users’ experience on the
sites they link to is a positive one.

Everything boils down to customer satisfaction, and though many strategies will differ
depending on your industry, the real divide in approach will come based on your size and

Quick Guide to SEO

SEO for Organizations

Non-profit organizations and educational organizations will want to take a different approach
to their SEO. Many university websites, for example, suffer from a complex and confusing
layout that makes finding imperative information a challenge. Improving the user-friendliness
and accessibility of each page is ideal for your SEO and your applicants. Just have a look at
how these data science masters programs are formatted, with all the information about the
course, the units, the price, and the requirements laid out in one page.

Not only is this far more friendly to users, but it is also better for your SEO ranking. Combine
this website improvement with PR strategies designed to get your universities and courses
mentioned by relevant bodies to boost both the number of prospective students and your SE
ranking from there.

SEO for Small Businesses

Small businesses actually have a much easier time nailing a winning SEO strategy, just
because the overall competition is smaller. By keeping local and working to

  • Increase your Name, Address, Phone Number Presence on local directories
  • Optimize Your Google My Business Profile
  • Work to Get Your Link or Business Mentioned by Local Publications
  • Host Events and Community Programs
  • Optimize Your Website

As you can see, the main focus for small businesses is to keep your efforts directed at your
community. This could be your neighborhood, your city, or your geographical region. Use a
PR approach, along with standard SEO tactics, for the best results.

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SEO for International Businesses

International businesses will need a grander scope. If you do manage any local stores, you
will want to start off by optimizing their SEO with the same tips outlined in the SEO for Small
Businesses section.

As for your online, international website, you need to:

  • Audit your website
  • Improve content originality and optimization
  • Improve internal linking
  • Improve site speed and safety
  • Improve backlink profile

Put the user first in everything that you do, because only when you cater to what they want,
and need can you improve your overall marketing and sales approach.

There are so many ways you can improve your SEO in every industry and size. An excellent
a ballpark to start off with is to simply work to make it more appealing to your users, but for a
more directed approach getting an SEO team on board to help you is your best bet when it
comes to bringing about results.

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