How Can You Use Facebook to Promote Your Brand?

Facebook has more than 2 billion active monthly users, and it has seen a 17% spike in users over the last two years. This social media channel remains the number one marketing channel for most brands across the world. Did you know that one-third of millennials prefer to interact with brands on Facebook as opposed to in person or over the phone?  As such, it is vital that marketers come up with ways to make their brands stand tall among the crowd. This includes maintaining an active presence and engaging users to appeal to consumer habits. How can you use Facebook to promote your brand when there is an influx of similar content that you have to outdo daily? Here’s how.

Capitalize on your Facebook business page

Most businesses share content like links, images, and products and services on their Facebook business pages. It is on these pages that you can create a strong brand to Promote Your Brand identity by sharing consumer-centered, humanized information. Find out what your target audience wants to know the most. In doing so, you can center your posts on this sought after information to make them useful for the reader.

Unlike on traditional marketing channels, you can loosen up a bit on Facebook and make your content stand out. For instance, you can add a relevant image or picture to your content, and also include a little humor to make your content appealing to users to use that for promoting your brand or products. For example, if your store specializes in dolls, you can post an article on how to find the right doll for your young one and add a hilarious video of dolls having a party. Whatever you choose to post, ensure that it has a proper mix of humorous, educational, and brand-related content.

Post Regularly on Facebook Page

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To create a strong brand identity on Facebook, you need to make your audience feel like they know and can relate to your business. Most successful brands do this by posting at least once a day on Facebook. However, posting, alone, is not enough. What makes a brand strong is posting useful, relevant, and quality content. If you are not sure on the type of material to post you can experiment or carry out audience research to single out your target audiences’ needs. Posting behind the scenes feature or photos of your products or employee increases transparency and credibility of your brand, strengthening it.

Leverage Friends of Fans

When people try your product and find it satisfactory, they want to share that information with their friends. Therefore, you should ensure that you add the Facebook share button to your website to encourage users to share your pages. Also, you can offer a discount to users who check in to your business on Facebook because they increase your brand’s visibility. By offering a discount, you motivate more users to check in and notify their friends where they are. Another way to leverage the friends of your fans is creating limited time promotions and inviting your followers, who in turn invite their friends.

Host Facebook Contents

Facebook contests such as giveaways are a strong marketing strategy that not only increases fans but also build brand awareness. These contents are a ticket to get existing followers involved and attract new ones. Facebook contests are time efficient as they do not require lots of planning and execution time. Moreover, winners get to experience your brand and products first hand and give feedback, which increases user-generated content for promoting your brand.

It is worth noting that contests cannot be hosted through Facebook. This means that you have to use a third party app to create the content and direct users to the app from Facebook, fortunately, there are lots of free and paid tools that businesses can use to host your Facebook contests.

Use Facebook Retargeting

Majority of the Facebook users who come into contact with your brand are not ready to buy. You can turn this around by retargeting. Retargeting is a paid strategy that allows your content to follow people who recently came into contact with your brand everywhere they go online. The content serves as a reminder of their recent website visit. Retargeting not only increases brand awareness and visibility but also speeds up the buying process for Facebook users. It also attracts people to your landing page and can build your following.

Facebook is the number one social media marketing tool, and there is no reason your brand should be left behind. Promote your brand and increase its visibility using the tips shared in this article.

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