5 Ways to Optimize Your Event Website to Gain More Visibility

Although for any website, generating a reliable and growing amount of traffic is important, it’s even more important for even websites where our goal is to attract as many potential event attendees as possible. If we can’t build enough visibility with the event website, we simply won’t be able to generate more traffic. 

With that being said, here we will discuss 5 actionable ways we can use to optimize your event website to gain more visibility. 

Let’s start with the first one. 

1. Optimize Your Event Website for SEO

In most cases, organic traffic will be the most important method we can use to generate traffic to your event website. So, optimizing your site for SEO is very important. 

Although SEO strategy can be a relatively complex subject that consists of various different aspects, in the end, today’s SEO will boil down to just two things: 

  1. Whether your
  2. site contains relevant and valuable content for your target audience
  3. Whether your site is functioning as intended, ensuring great UX and UI for your visitors, and is properly indexed by Google.

To do this, we have to optimize your site properly to make sure Google can view your site as relevant and valuable. Here are some things you should focus on: 

  • Consistent publication of high-quality and optimized content (more on this later). 
  • Ensuring your site can be indexed by Google 
  • Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly (or mobile-responsive)
  • Optimize your site’s load speed
  • Secure (use HTTPS instead of HTTP)
  • Has backlinks from high-quality websites 

If you don’t properly optimize your site for SEO, you won’t get enough visibility in Google’s SERP (and other search engines’) and as a result, your organic traffic won’t be optimal. 

2. Content Marketing

As discussed above, you can’t properly optimize your site for SEO if you don’t have enough content on your site. 

On the other hand, relevant and valuable content is what attracts visitors to your even website, a concept we call inbound marketing. While it’s true that it can be easier to implement content marketing in some niche, and more difficult on others, there is always room to create relevant content related to your events, no matter what the industry. 

You can: 

  • Regularly publish blog posts on your website. You can also regularly release YouTube videos (and embed it on your site) and podcast episodes. However, you should especially focus on text-based content for SEO purposes. 
  • Invite relevant influencers in your industry to guest post on your site (and you might also want to guest post on their sites.)
  • Promote your article using various channels from social media to your email newsletter

The better and more relevant your content is, the more of your visitors that will share and link it, which will boost your site’s SEO. Since, again, our aim is to generate traffic through content and SEO, and we should implement proper keyword research before the content creation process. 

You should find target keywords that are often searched by your target audience, and create relevant topics to target these keywords.

3. Optimize Every Element on Your Website

You should at least optimizer the following: 

  • Title tags

Your title tags are what appear as the title of your event website when it appears in Google’s SERP. So, whether the title tag is attractive or not will affect your search result’s click-through rate. 

  • META descriptions

The META description is the snippet below the title tag that appears in your search result. So, again, your META description will affect the click-through rate. You should also try to include your target keywords in the META description. However, focus on human readers’ readability, and include them as naturally as possible. 

  • Image alt tags

An attractive event website should feature images (more on this below), and you can optimize your images so the search engines can consider it when ranking your site. Make sure to use your target keywords (or related words) as the image’s file name and the alt tag. 

  • Structured data markup

Structured data (schema.org) markup is assigning properties and attributes to your site so Google can understand all the different elements properly. Implementing structured data markup would also ensure that your site is eligible to be featured as rich snippets, which can further improve your site’s visibility. 

  • XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a map detailing the structure of your site that Google and the other search engines will crawl to find all the pages within. Optimizing your XML sitemap can significantly help in ensuring the indexability of your event website. 

5. Make Sure Your Event Website is Mobile-Friendly

This is very important due to two reasons: first, it’s obvious that many people now browse websites exclusively on their mobile websites. So, ensuring your site is mobile-friendly can significantly improve attendance rate. Second, is that Google now prioritizes mobile-friendly websites to rank higher.  

Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly is pretty simple nowadays. If your site is WordPress-based, it’s as simple as switching to a mobile-responsive Theme. If you are using a visual site builder like Wix, then you should only choose a mobile-responsive template.

5. Getting More Backlinks

Backlinks are the vote of confidence in the internet world: when a website links to yours, they are saying that you are a credible, trustworthy source of information. Getting high-quality, relevant websites to link to your sites can be challenging, but here are some tips you can try: 

  • Outreach to various event listing websites and get your event mentioned there. 
  • Reach out to online press and influencers where you talk about your events
  • Send out press releases, and provide a link to your event website
  • Ask your partners and vendors to mention you on their social media profiles and website
  • Be active on social media (and forums) and talk about your event

End Words

Optimizing your event website for SEO remains the most effective way in improving your event website’s visibility and so it’s more effective in attracting potential attendees. You can use the five actionable tips we have shared above as a foundation to optimize your event website on SEO, and you can expand on it. 

I am a traveler by profession. I created BackpackUnion to give people a better view of the product before they make such an important purchase.

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