How to Grow Your Online Business During The Pandemic

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has hit businesses all over the world. Hard. Many have folded, others have scaled back considerably, and all have felt the strain. If you’re an online business owner and you’re panicking, just stop and breathe for a moment. There are some tips and tricks that can work wonders when it comes to keeping momentum. Even during a time like this. Here are our favorites…

1.  Review your digital marketing strategy

Your digital marketing efforts are of utmost importance right now. SEO, blog content, email marketing, newsletters, and social media – all will allow you to connect with your audience in lieu of that face-to-face interaction, so getting your activities right is key. Keep an eye on your social media platforms, in particular. They’re essentially an insights source, where you can ask questions, land important company communications, and really deep-dive into what’s important to your customers, what they want and what they need. You can then respond accordingly.

2. Upskill in new areas

If you can spare the time and you’ve got the budget (lucky you!) now’s the time to strengthen your team’s skill set. Times are tough for businesses right now, and things will be more competitive than ever when we come out the other end of this pandemic. Knowledge is power, so signing up to courses, skill-swapping within departments, team learning webinars, guest speakers – all of these initiatives will ensure you’re as strong as you can be when we reach the other side.

3.  Really look after your people

It pays to keep your team content. Quite literally, in fact. A happy and motivated workforce essentially drives sales. Communication is crucial in these unprecedented times, so ensure you’ve having regular virtual catch-ups with everyone. Check your people are getting the support they need, that they’re set up effectively if they’re working from home, and that they’re not feeling burnt out or overwhelmed. It shouldn’t be all about the shop talk, either! Make sure you’re also scheduling time for coffee chats, or Friday afternoon Zoom beers, for example. Your team will love you for it, and work that much harder for a boss that keeps them happy.

4.  Draw on – and grow – your professional network

Having a solid network of professionals to turn to insensible, especially in times like this. If there’s an area of the business you’re struggling with and you need fresh perspective, why not reach out to an ex-colleague or manager for their advice? Or drop an email to someone you’ve never met but admired from afar and ask for a virtual intro. Be sure to engage with others, too – like their posts and drop comments on LinkedIn, post content regularly yourself, and add recommendations for people you’ve worked with previously (without being asked). By nurturing your connections, you open yourself up to new opportunities. Plus, you could make friends for life.

5. Look after yourself!

Running an online business during a pandemic is admittedly mega stressful, so make sure you’re taking time for yourself to keep as calm andcentred as possible. Exercise daily, get-enough sleep and try meditating.You’ll be surprised at how much better equipped you are to handle life’s obstacles.

I am a traveler by profession. I created BackpackUnion to give people a better view of the product before they make such an important purchase.

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