PPC Tips for a Newly Launched E-Commerce Website

In this digital era, it is quite a successful step to start an e-commerce store by following the necessary trend of providing ease to customers. After getting your website up running successfully on the internet focus on your product. Your product must be good enough to attract a lot of visitors. In order to get your sales started, you will have to do some advertisement and marketing of your product and website.

PPC (Pay Per Click) can prove to be the best way to boost up the sales. You can get authentic and qualified traffic in this way. It brings an original and profitable audience to you. Here are the tips which you must know in order to get started with pay per click marketing strategy.

1.    Start Small

It is easy to manage and start the small store rather than focusing on too many things at the same time. You will surely end up confused and will not be able to achieve success. PPC is a process and a channel that is built over time and not in one night.

The first and foremost thing to take in consideration is the type of product you are planning to sell. Choose the product which is in demand. Besides, if you have some SEO and other ratings than choose the products with high value.  Then apply PPC on it. And when you will start getting success then apply PPC to all the products.

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2.    Focused Audience

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It is very much important to target a specific range of audience for your product. Google Analytics shows the complete detail, demographic category of your users. Select the audience which is in huge number and then target this one throughout the process for your product.

Second, this is to identify your keywords. After selecting the keywords to find your competitors through research. Thorough study about the strategy, product and audience will give you a direction for your next move.

3.    Follow the Trends of Research

Google Trends provides a detailed analysis of which areas of the world have high traffic for the specific keyword. Choose the city or the country for the launch of your product where there is more traffic to buy your product.

Along with that it also displays the months in which the product was bought of the times. So, you will have a clear idea of where and when to sell your product. By following the research trend, you can get ahead of most of your competitors in a small amount of time.

4.    Brand Awareness

Launching a new brand is not enough. You need to create brand awareness in your area so that people can recognize your brand. For this purpose, use GDN (Google Display Network). Here is Top 10 Google Display Ads size with example.  Try to get subscribers for your site.

Your audience will not know at first what they actually want and you may also not know what products they want to buy. It is highly preferable to make your users fill up a form for you which will let you know about things from their perspective. You will have a list of data which you can follow to enhance your sales. You can also place your users in the remarketing audience for the further marketing projects which you will lead in the future.

5.    Make creative Ads

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The cleverest thing companies do is that they make creative ads which attract the attention of people. Nobody knows the actual worth of your product than you. So, it is your duty to rightly justify it by making the most attractive ads which urge people to buy the product. Use tactics such as discounts, coupon, sale or price points.

Choose good quality photos and videos for your advertisement campaign. A recent study proved that people tend to buy the things to whom they are emotionally attractive. That is why most of the commercials on television and on social media platform shows emotional and creative content.

6.    Be Active throughout your Campaign

A well-managed PPC campaign is the ones which are changes regularly on the basis of current trends. Keep on testing new variants, try adding new things to your campaign and also be ready to accept drastic changes. Using the latest, top, and recent keywords will help you gain more traffic and hence more profit.

As time passes and you learn more about the system and the variation in trends, make a strategy of launch, advertise and optimize your product on your e-commerce store. Loyal customers will keep coming back to your site again and again but you have to be open to changes in order to win loyal customers.

7.    Manage your Budget

A little budget can go a long way. Before start spending your budget, it is wiser to allocate it to different parts. Allocate a small portion of your budget to GDN advertising which will assist you in product sale. GDN advertising will include two things, a research campaign and remarketing of your product based upon the research results.

Advertise more using social media platforms, YouTube, and your website but advertise cheap. Customers will see your site everywhere but you will not be spending much on the advertisement.

8.    Way Forward

After planning everything bit by bit it is now time to start putting all of it together. Use free and top software to get the regular stats. Such as google analytics, to get the details of your everyday users. In any business, testing and refining is the key to success and build more. You will never get success overnight, as success demands dedication and perseverance.

In the case of an e-commerce store, you will go through so many ups and downs before finally reaching the top. You will have to change your strategies and adjust yourself to the newer demands. Make regular campaigns which suit your product as well as customers. The final thing to remember is to always keep track of what is happening around you. The more you learn the more you evolve and then the more forward you will go.

Andy has grown to be one of the most influential names in digital marketing in greater Seattle area. Graduating with his MBA, focus on Marketing, he has acquired the skill set and experience needed to bring clients under Kayzoe Marketing the highest level of strategic marketing possible. As CEO and Director of Search Engine Optimization he has been able to get Kayzoe and his clients ranked in the top positions of Google time and time again.

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