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Every website expects to attract fresh guests and convince them to become recurring visitors. That’s why increasing website traffic has become a major priority of modern-day business organizations. Marketers experiment with different methods and techniques to boost this traffic and multiply the brand’s online following. So, the below-mentioned tricks shall guide you on how to appear on Google’s 1st page and grab the attention of your target audience:

Strategies for Driving More Traffic to Your Website

  1. Create quality content

Interactive and engaging content is the dominating reason why people would visit your website. This content establishes you as an expert in the field and provides information relevant to your niche. So, investigate which topics interest your target audience. Furnish your articles with attention-grabbing headlines. Increase the readability of your content with images, videos, and infographics. Place CTAs wherever you find appropriate and promote this content on social media platforms.

  1. Republish your old content

Your content doesn’t remain evergreen and becomes decayed as time passes. So, it’s important to refresh your previous articles from time to time for renewing your web traffic. Updating your long-forgotten posts helps the website get more exposure. You don’t need to produce new material from scratch if you can republish your outdated content. But such an update also requires some additional research. You must revise your statistics and check for any broken links to replace.

  1. Search engine optimization

It’s no secret that websites that rank highest on SERPs receive a more significant chunk of online traffic. SEO helps elevate your position among search engine rankings. Keywords, on the other hand, are the foundation of an effective search engine optimization strategy. That’s why marketers rely on free keyword research tools to target the most valuable words/phrases. These tools help them compare a keyword’s search volume against competition level and give access to long-tail keywords.

  1. Write an ultimate guide

These guides – as the name indicates – are supposed to be the essence of all the information you have on that particular subject. It became an internet buzzword last decade and is still effective for driving more traffic to your website. Producing such a guide involves reading feverishly on a specific topic, writing compelling content, and promoting it on social media. The best thing about an ultimate guide is that you can make it available for free when people lose interest in buying it.

  1. Try influencer marketing

You can leverage an influencer’s popularity to establish some credibility in your niche. These celebrities can promote your brand and help grow your website in popularity. Getting endorsements from authority figures makes your company appear legitimate. You can also partner with influencers by offering them samples of your products. Marketers also contact micro-influencers who, despite owning a limited following, have a viewership consisting of a better-engaged audience.

  1. Get a little social

Social media platforms connect you with your loyal audience to keep your followers updated regarding your latest products/services. For instance, publishing content on LinkedIn allows you to improve your profile and enhance your brand’s online visibility. Similarly, Reddit has become the 7th most popular website in the United States. Posting your content on Reddit enables you to communicate with a high-quality audience with a better chance of converting.

  1. Answer Quora questions

Answering people’s questions facilitates the growth of your website. It is best to join Quora and find queries related to your niche. Try responding to these questions with appropriate links to your content. The trick is to find relevant inquiries that remained unanswered before. This practice will give you a different experience than engaging with your followers on social media. Now, you’re the influencer who’s trying to put together a thought-provoking but information-ridden response.

  1. Video marketing

Mere text-based content doesn’t affect as many people as it did before. That’s why marketers now produce visual content to attract public attention and grow their websites. Statistics from last year show that 89% of marketers have founded video content beneficial considering ROI and lead generation. Therefore, your business must have its separate YouTube channel where you can upload promotional videos. You can also put these videos on your website for improved results.

  1. Link internally

Linking your pages internally doesn’t just improve your SEO strategy. It also helps the visitors navigate your website easily and browse through different webpages. That’s why marketers incorporate internal hyperlinks to create a digital framework for their website. This framework enables search engines to discover which webpages contain your most powerful content. You can try internal linking while producing blog posts to give visitors an excuse to linger more at the site.

  1. Make infographics

Marketers use infographics to present complex information in simple terms. This content format just gives a beautifully-illustrated overview of the subject. Infographics have become an effective communication medium recently. Now, you might be thinking that how to create an infographic? Well, first, find meaningful stats on a subject from Pew Research or Statistic Brain. Then design the infographic with an appealing theme accompanied by rich content. Pinterest seems like an ideal home for sharing your work.

  1. Webinars and podcasts

Lastly, try experimenting with different content formats to boost website traffic. That’s why marketers concentrate on producing podcasts for people who prefer listening. Since statistics from 2019 show that 54% of people are prone to purchase a product advertised in a podcast. Likewise, hosting web-based seminars (i.e., “webinars”) has become trendy among B2B marketers. These seminars can be recorded and subsequently distributed as video content on different platforms.

  1. Local SEO

Targeting your local audience must be your main priority. Leverage localized keywords and join Google My Business to connect with the people who are more likely to purchase from you. Statistics show 46% of Google queries intend to find a local business. Moreover, 88% of smartphone users call/visit a place within 24 hours of viewing the search results. The key is to provide accurate and up-to-date information online, including your phone number, email, and physical address.


Websites that appear on the first page of Google’s search results are triumphant in acquiring more significant digital traffic. Since hardly any customer ever visits the 2nd page of Google search results! The trick to gain more customers is to increase your website traffic, which is only possible by improving your searchability and visibility. Digital marketing experts leverage interactive content and high-quality backlinks for this purpose. This content can be text-based, image-only, visual, or molded in any other format. They seek promotional means to advertise their content by hosting webinars and utilizing influencer marketing.

These different techniques enable the target audience to discover the brand easily. The more people find your products/services, the more chances you have to convert them into quality leads. These tactics of boosting digital traffic shall still be relevant even in this tech-dependent age of automation.

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