Local SEO Marketing: Is It Worth It For Your Business?


As a small business owner, it’s easy to pass over marketing trends as being overly hyped up or lacking direct results. After all, when your marketing budget is small, even a single failed campaign can have serious effects on your bottom line.

Local SEO marketing may have the same buzzwords as many other types of online marketing, but it differs in one key area – it delivers consistent, profitable results for a wide variety of different local businesses.

Learn why local SEO marketing is so popular amongst local businesses, and how you can reap the benefits of a local marketing campaign.

Local SEO attracts customers that already want to buy

One of the biggest advantages of local SEO marketing is that it helps your business reach customers that already want your product or service. After all, if they weren’t interested in your business, they wouldn’t be searching for your product.

While other forms of marketing aim at cool or lukewarm leads – customers that may benefit from your product but aren’t sold on it – local SEO marketing is the only way to reach hot leads using online marketing.

Your competitors are already winning the local SEO war

Here’s the thing with local SEO – someone is always winning, even if they don’t try to. Google has to list some businesses for your local keywords, and if you aren’t the business on top, one of your competitors probably will be.

There are always people searching for your type of business – in the case of a major metropolitan area, it could be thousands every month. Make your business the top-ranked result for your area and you’ll win the war, not one of your competitors.

It’s easy to get started with local SEO marketing

Unlike other forms of marketing, which can depend on constant testing and fresh campaign ideas, reaching the top with local SEO marketing means you’ll switch to maintaining your position rather than constantly making changes.

Enjoy a steady stream of customers and clients with one of the easiest forms of SEO to jump into. If you own online business, you could see results from local SEO in just a few months.

Andy has grown to be one of the most influential names in digital marketing in greater Seattle area. Graduating with his MBA, focus on Marketing, he has acquired the skill set and experience needed to bring clients under Kayzoe Marketing the highest level of strategic marketing possible. As CEO and Director of Search Engine Optimization he has been able to get Kayzoe and his clients ranked in the top positions of Google time and time again.

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