Here’s the Ultimate Guide to Local Marketing for Different Businesses

Local marketing refers to a marketing strategy that targets customers within a certain radius of a business’s geographical location. It may also be referred to as local store marketing or neighborhood marketing.

A lot of local enterprises operate and rely heavily on referrals. Most of these businesses whether large or small generate tons of profit. The only risk with this type of business module is that it leaves your business susceptible to a downturn. Relying on referrals may be compared to riding a unicycle – when your tire goes flat you have no backup.

This shows you the need to have different marketing channels so that if one of them fails you will still keep moving. That is exactly where local marketing comes in.

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The ultimate guide to local marketing

In this post, we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive plan on how to grow your business through local marketing. Hope you find it helpful in boosting your local brand awareness…

1- Localize your web content

Localized web content is relevant to your customers as they can easily relate to it.

You should also add a location page to your site. Other information that you need to include apart from your business name is your address, phone number, and other important store data. These too, play a critical role in helping you rank on local SERPs.

2- Be active in your community

If you love the town that you live in and are proud to be associated with it, you should support the community. When you do this, they’re also highly likely to support you too.

Be involved in non-profit activities such as sports, county fairs, and other events. Attending together with a few of your employees or sponsoring these events brings more recognition to your brand.

3- Don’t forget local media

So many people still rely on local media to keep them updated about their community and neighborhood. This includes news on the economy and other business-related information.

You should invest in radio advertising or get yourself a spot to interview in your town’s local news show. Do whatever it takes to get your brand name out there to draw customers to your business premises for marketplaces managed services.

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4- Distribute local print

Get a designer to make for you high-quality business cards, brochures, and flyers then distribute these passers-by in strategic locations.

One way to make sure that they come back to do business with you is to include a small discount or free coupon on your business card.

5- Invest in booth space at local events

This might require you to dig a little deeper in your pocket depending on the type of event but it’s a great investment that’s guaranteed to pay off. If you can, give away branded merchandise for free to the people in attendance.


Local marketing is an effective means for you to grow your customer base within your community. If you would like to establish your brand in your neighborhood, you need to embrace and implement the strategies we have given you.

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