Building Prospect leads through LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin is a powerful social media tool for businesses in 2017. To secure warm leads for your business, it is necessary to use your LinkedIn profile with the right forms of pitching, targeting, and engagement.

A large number of business people viz. Entrepreneurs, B2B  Marketers, Consultants, Salespeople and much more use this platform to expand their business across the globe.

As per LinkedIn stats by Businessinsider, Linkedin has already reached half of billion users till now. As per the reports, Linkedin has over 500 million registered users among 200 countries which are a great increment in its numbers from previous stats.

Why choose LinkedIn for lead generation?

Yet there are many social media platforms available on the market to generate quality leads for your business. But the challenge comes when you are a startup, small or midsize business as it becomes difficult for business owners to run and manage an effective social media campaign in low budget.

Moreover, the time set-up for business is another major issue they face. But you don’t need to worry about such issues if you use LinkedIn properly. It is an effective tool as compared to other platforms. The only trick you need to learn is how to get rid of sideways energy.

In fact, Your LinkedIn profile works as a resource which is helpful for your business growth. Make better connections and engage your growing audience by sharing useful and quality content.To streamline the process, you can also use some additional tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite just to schedule content from your LinkedIn profile.

How can you generate prospect leads through the LinkedIn platform?


 Building Prospect leads through LinkedIn Marketing 5

The first step is to complete your LinkedIn profile perfectly. In order to get better customers for your business, it is necessary to review your profile timely and make changes accordingly.

The second important step is to connect your twitter account with Linkedin. This is because whenever you update your status on Linkedin, a tweet will go out. This is a perfect way to grow your network.

By joining industry groups and alumni groups, you will be able to reach your target audience, organizations, and clients.

Must remember: Always reach out to people one at a time to get more genuine customers for your business.

In addition to it, You can also use LinkedIn for direct and indirect marketing. In direct marketing, prospects information about the company is provided directly on LinkedIn. While in indirect marketing, the conversation is first started on LinkedIn and then the prospect is driven through to a landing page on your website.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the great ways to generate prospect leads through LinkedIn.

Here is the list:


1) Ads /Remarketing

Ads Remarketing

Linkedin ads might be highly cost effective method for lead generation. Typically, it would cost $2.00 per click which is the starting price for an ad. Instead, you can set your own budgets for advertising. It is more cost effective approach than Google Adwords. Must identify your target Linkedin users which may include geography, company size, age, gender, job function etc. and then set your budget accordingly.

The following benefits you get with LinkedIn advertising:

Reach out well-defined clients

Reach out to highly specific groups

More business growth

Highly Cost effective method

Drive new prospects to land pages

2) Group participation

Group Participation

Group participation is an effective method to increase your connectivity outside too. It is fine if you join several groups on LinkedIn but joining groups outside your industry might help businesses to grow more than expected. So in this way you are extending your reach to potential customers. Ultimately it will help generating prospect leads for your business.

3) Connections

Building Prospect leads through LinkedIn Marketing 6

Growing connections not only help to reach your target people but also increases your professional capability. LinkedIn is a strong platform which gives you an opportunity to explore new business people from all over the world. So, it is worth building your connection count.

Benefits of making more connections:

Get top position in most viewed connections

Get more endorsements

More engagement by more liking, sharing and commenting

Content becomes popular soon

Boost in other connections too like Facebook etc.

4) Sniping

Linkedin Sniping

It is an awesome way to collect leads from LinkedIn. Here, you become able to collect leads from the post, group discussions, Inmail and job postings. In a very short period of time, it can help you grow a significant number of connections. Quality content plays an important role here. The answers given to raised questions, content in the blog and postings matter a lot which builds credibility with your target leads.

5) In mailing

In Mailing

In mailing helps in sending messages directly to another LinkedIn member you are not connected to. Here, you can send messages directly from your connections page, LinkedIn messaging page or the profile page. After this, the message will be sent to the recipient’s email address or as per their Linked notification settings.

However, it all depends on your emailing content if it is more relevant to a client’s needs then you will get responses back. So this gives you to build a trustworthy relationship with your clients. This would surely help you get a good prospect leads for your business.

Note: You must be having a premium account to use In mailing service for your business.

6) Blogging


This is one of the most useful tools on LinkedIn. Today, Professional blogging helps in generating good revenue for the businesses. They are earning good by using this approach. The soon your blog becomes famous after publishing the more traffic it gets. It helps business owners to generate marketing qualified leads for their business.

People do comment on the blogs, raise questions and thus provide a good engagement on this platform. So it helps more businesses to connect with their potential customers.

The following benefits you get with it:

More traffic on your profile

Reach out your target customers

Get better connectivity with potential clients

Give them a chance to raise or ask queries if any

More engagement


Lead generation is considered as a structured process. With a specific methodology, you can easily generate leads through your LinkedIn profile. However, the above-mentioned tips would surely help you reach out to your potential customers. This would further build a steady stream of leads for your business.

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