Kayzoe’s Industry Only 90 Day Front Page Guarantee

No other SEO company guarantees their service. We’ve checked – and if you find someone, let us know. Putting our reputation and our services where our mouth is has made Kayzoe an industry goliath across America – and for good reason. Quality SEO at a price any business can afford  

So what’s the Guarantee?

If we can’t get your campaign ranking at least ONE key word that YOU choose during our consultation, then your SEO service is FREE until we get you there.  

Lets say that again, if we don’t have you’re website on PAGE ONE of Google (not Bing, not Yelp, the big one – Google), we’ll comp your marketing completely until we get you there. That’s not just a guarantee on ranking, that’s a guarantee on traffic. Your website WILL be viewed by potential clients and so long as your closing system is sharp, you WILL receive a return on investment.   

Again, this is a no trick guarantee. The keywords YOU select based on our analytics that show you exactly how many people searched for that key word, and what people are paying in Adwords to be listed as a paid advertisement. Both indicate value of a key word, and when we rank you for those keywords, you make money.  

You CANNOT go wrong with Kayzoe. You are virtually GUARANTEED new customers. In fact our #1 complaint is that our clients get too many clients too fast. A good problem to have! 

Whether you’ve been burned in the past by one of the many charlatan companies out there or are a new business ready to get clients through the door, contact us, and find out how easy making profit can be.  


Not sure how you’re website and online marketing stack up? Not sure where to start? Sign up and get a free website analysis. After signing up, an experienced Kayzoe consultant will prepare a detailed analysis of both your website and how its ranking, along with keyword ideas and proposals to improve your website. 

Don’t have a website, our consultants can still take you through the science of online sales, showing you what will make you money and why. Build a website, drive traffic, close. The formula is easy but elusive to new business owners or longtime owners who haven’t delved into the online market.  

You don’t need a marketing degree to find out what works in the real world. Learn more about calls to action, unique value propositions, eye catching graphics, and how analytics through Kayzoe can help you refine your marketing to a science.  

Kayzoe Marketing has always been convinced that when a client knows what real marketing is, and that Kayzoe knows what its doing, a client will pick Kayzoe every single time. The information is free, and we never push clients into signing with us. We know once you see the garbage out there you’ll be back.  

So sign up right away, all you have to lose is an hour of your time and you’ll gain massive amounts of information that can help your business grow and prosper.  

Not Just For Profit 

Kayzoe marketing lives up to its community promise to donate no less than 15% of our profits and workload to non-profit organizations and charities. We also provide students and new interns the opportunity to give back while learning valuable skills with our experienced manager’s professional oversight by assisting with charity websites, marketing plans, and outreach programs.  

Kayzoe offers complementary websites and SEO for no charge to any 501(c) company, and offers its bigger services at cost. Kayzoe has also provided over a million dollars in charity donations over the last decade, with that number growing every single year.

Finally, Kayzoe, in partnership with Johnson Legal Group, PLLC, offers free 501(c) filing assistance to both Washington state and the International Revenue Service to get your charity set up with its tax exempt status. If you live outside Washington, our network of attorneys (often clients) are usually ready and willing to provide this service at no cost as well – availability may be limited however.   

If you own a 501(c), or would like to start one, give Kayzoe Marketing a call. We can not only help guide you in preparing to market your charity, we can also give you some guidance on how to file for approval to both state and the IRS for tax status.