The Importance Of Your Corporate Branding Strategy

Have you ever seen a business that wasn’t consistent in their branding strategy?  Perhaps they had a particular font or style on their website, but it wasn’t carried through in other marketing materials.  Although this might seem like a small mistake, it’s a potentially fatal error for any small business owner to make.


In this article we will discuss the importance of focusing on brand identity before anything else.  As you will find out, doing so will grow your business tenfold.  If you’re left with anything from reading this post, we hope you fully understand how important your branding strategy truly is.


Your Branding Creates Harmony

People like consistency and structure.  Failing to create uniformity in a business’s visual marketing results in a feeling of confusion and discord for your brand. You might not realize it, but forgetting to properly brand your company while focusing on other business efforts can be detrimental to areas of the business other than just the visual. 

Businesses often focus on branding solely as the visual element that identifies their company.  Although this is true, your branding is so much more than just that.  Strategizing the visual elements of a product properly is usually what leads to the product sale.  And as you know, most people don’t buy a product; most people buy a brand.


What Is A Brand Identity?

A brand identity is the #1 most important part of your business.  Your overall brand image and style are what make you recognizable (and memorable) to consumers.

Your brand identity is the visual elements that contribute to and represent your company’s core values.  Although visual elements make up your brand identity, your company’s branding contributes to much more than simply a set of style standards.



  • color palette
  • font
  • print materials
  • logo
  • website
  • slogan
  • video marketing
  • other consistent visual elements


You Need A Brand Identity 

Your company’s visual trademark is important for many reasons.  Without it, it would be very hard to remember your company at all.  People are said to remember a logo more than the name of a brand itself.  So you can see how planning your visual strategy correctly is crucial.

Creating a style guide is the first step to setting up standards for the visual representation of your business.  The most important thing is to begin the process of setting up a visual prototype so that your company’s message is conveyed clearly and succinctly.


Branding Your Business Grows Your Business

It might sound a bit cliché, but branding your business grows your business.  Without focus on your brand identity, sales would be individual and unsystematic.

Proper branding creates a domino effect.  And as more people latch on to your brand, the results will increase.



 How can your customers recognize you or even remember you if you don’t have features that resonate consistently with your brand?  If you don’t have a corporate logo or any design elements that are unique to your brand, you certainly won’t stand out to your customers.



Think about one of your favorite brands.  What do you picture?  Do you see their logo or a particular color palette?  Try to envision the company in your mind.  Now what do you see?


Although everybody would recall something different about a company, what you will probably notice is that the visual elements are what pop into your head.  And guess what?  That’s not uncommon. 

Most people rely on visual elements to trigger their memory.  If there is nothing about your company that is exclusive to your company in a creative, visual sense, most people will have a very hard time remembering you at all.

Branding your business increases brand awareness and contributes to people being able to positively recall your company.  This is a very important reason to focus on creating your brand identity.  Because without it, you are nothing.

Skittles Chocolate



 Developing a consistent brand identity fosters a feeling of trust from consumers.


 If you want to buy a new pair of shoes, would you walk into a store with no branding or would you choose a store with a name and logo?

I think you know the answer to that one!  Branding is a crucial element we often take for granted.  If you don’t have branding people won’t trust that you are a legitimate business.  That’s why spending some time on planning a logo and corporate web design, among other things, is so important.


Brand Appeal

 Without properly branding a business, your company wouldn’t appeal to customers.   The elements that contribute to overall brand appeal are:


  • color
  • style
  • products
  • people associated with your brand


Brand appeal is what connects to the emotions of customers.  Failing to pay attention to your branding could lead to an overall disorganized look.  This would deter customers and reduce their trust in your business.  The appeal of your business’s visual elements ultimately delivers the message of who you are and what your values are as a brand.



Implementing the proper branding strategy will give your business more credibility.  A business without a logo or a website, two essential visual assets, would seem questionable to consumers.

If a customer sees a business without visual assets to represent what it’s about, they might assume one of several things.

They could assume:

The business is not fully invested in itself,not making enough money,isn’t invested in consumers or all of the following.


Having a strong brand identity increases a company’s overall value.  This is one thing that people don’t often think of, but it certainly is the truth.

If a business is well represented by its visual assets, it will have an element of exclusivity and class that a business with no branding does not have.  Asking for more money for services would be easier if your business is properly branded because the company itself would have added value.



User experience would greatly benefit from proper branding.  Elements on a website flow a little better when there are style guidelines in place.  Although you obviously can build a website without any sort of branding, it would likely be a dead website.  No one would find it interesting enough to view and conversion rates would drop significantly.

Branding could also be in the form of a promotional video advertisement or explainer embedded into a website.  Although this is a strategy that improves SEO, it’s also an element of branding which can improve visitor conversion rates drastically.



Branding strategy is a serious matter for any business.  In fact, without consideration of branding, your business would not have the opportunity to flourish and grow.  Although branding your business with such things as a corporate logo and website can be costly, it’s an investment most business owners know they will need to make at one point or another.


Failing to brand your business leads to many detrimental things.  And these things aren’t simply the fact that your business won’t have visual consistency for clients to remember you.  What will happen is that your business will slowly lose credibility and trust from consumers.  And this is something that would be more costly than doing the right thing and investing in the visual assets your company deserves from the start.


The first step to take as a business owner is simply recognize the importance of branding going forward.  With a strong visual foundation, your business is sure to take off.  You can do things bit by bit and slowly increase the reputation and reach of your brand.  And we know you can certainly do that if you just follow these suggestions!

Liz Roncevic is the founder and owner of Bizmap LLC, a digital marketing and SEO agency located in Northern NJ.    Liz and her company are committed to growing businesses by putting them on the online map. Bizmap LLC combines powerful and effective online marketing with innovative technologies to give clients a strategy that works.   Please feel free to connect with Liz on social media:   Facebook LinkedIn Twitter

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