4 Easy Step How to make money on Instagram in 2020

Get ready to know about some awesome and brilliant information about how to make money on Instagram.

Instagram, like many other social media, has changed the main mechanisms in recent year, and as it is often said, is getting more open, and clear in the policies.

Fortunately, the time, when the only thing you needed to make your page popular, was money, ended, and now we see a new hierarchy in the means of more and less popular accounts.

The other trend in comparison to the time Instagram just appeared is that more and more users tend to monetize the success of their pages and start making money out of them. On the other hand, many new users come with a strategy to create a source for income while creating the Insta page.

So, now Instagram is certainly not the platform we can share picks with our friends and relatives. It’s a business touchpoint that may help you get notices by the potential audience. As the algorithms of Instagram have significantly changed in recent times, and it’s getting harder to grow your audience, there are many positive changes in the means of the quality orientation of this social media.

It’s impossible to buy fake followers having a couple of unprofessional posts and daily get advertising offers from sponsors. Vice versa, only marketing analysis, knowing your PODs, proper knowledge about the potential competitors, persistence, and creativity are the least you need to start working on your page.

There are a couple of main ways to monetize your page success. Let’s take a look to get motivated in developing the Instagram page:

1- Successful Personal Brands

Business is not always about selling goods. Many entrepreneurs who are experts in specific fields of science or practice use Instagram as a platform to offer their services.

Among this type of entrepreneurs, we can mention life coaches, psychologists, nutrition and sports instructors, dance instructors, beauty bloggers, and business trainers.

These types of businesses are mostly concentrated around one person, the author f the blog, and are used to sell training programs, coaching courses, and business consulting.

So, growing the audience in this case, people tend to popularize their personal brand and provide the reason to believe (R2B) to their clients, posting some free tips, pieces of video lectures, and informational texts with the aim to sell their services. So, the first way to make money is to popularize the services you provide.

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2- E-commerce For Goods

Instagram is a good platform to sell your own products, especially when we mean the examples of hand-made goods and niche marketing.

A young outfit designer, who can’t produce many samples of a certain dress model, can directly sell on Instagram. So, for the beginning finds it hard to operate an online shop, but is creative and productive enough to produce new conceptual clothes regularly can take many advantages from growing an audience on Instagram.

Here, owners of the business, should check the quality of the pictures and follow the main trends of the product presentation in fashion. Local importers of foreign products who want to start with small catalogs and a limited number of products can also take advantage of selling on Instagram.

Here they may use the account as a catalog, opting pictures and specifications of the goods and performing direct sales via Insta page.

Otherwise, they can use the page for advertising and communication with the audience, having added the link of the site (their online shop) and the Telegram channel in bio.

Fortunately, there are many companies, like linkpeak.io, who can help you organize multiple link system in the Instagram bio, so you don’t have to choose anymore, just insert all of the contact links to increase the reachability.

3- Cooperating With Brands

Influencer marketing has gained great popularity in recent years. Many brands analyze the pages of bloggers, check the relevance of their posts to the products of the brands, and after a deeper analysis of engagement rare of the influencer’s page, can offer a good opportunity to make money on ads.

Many beauty bloggers cooperate with cosmetics brands, posting in the feed, and live about the positive effects of applying certain products. There have been many concerns about the true nature of these posts.

That’s why, more professional bloggers, who care to be sincere with their audience mark advertising posts to make it clear. There are also a lot of brands that produce different products for special needs: traveling equipment, a great variety of goods for teens.

They can find it very profitable to cooperate with thematic Instagram pages. So, if you aim to grow the audience to get involved in paid advertising, think about your concept, don’t let it get bland, choose the right strategy to make your blog contextual.

The lockdown became very profitable for local and nano influencers, as the shops were closed, and people had to get used to the reality of shopping online. That’s why, regardless of the fact it had always been a standard to choose the influencer with more followers before the quarantine, now brands are looking for more conceptual influencers with less number of followers, but a higher involvement and loyalty towards the page they follow.

4- Selling Content

News and trends reveal that many popular bloggers prefer buying the content, so for may creative writers, photographers, and designers, it’s become a good opportunity to offer the content for sale.

Except for popular personal blogs, Instagram magazines and journals are constantly looking for a good piece of content and are ready to pay to get it or even repost it.

Again, as in the previous case, the most important condition for growth and success here is the quality of content, it’s uniqueness, and a talent of an author to translate the trends and wishes of the audience via texts and pictures.

That’s why,

If you see that you can easily discourse on different topics, analyze the reality, or have an incredible talent turn ordinary events into great stories your friends like so much, start posting. Good content will never leave the audience indifferent.

I am a traveler by profession. I created BackpackUnion to give people a better view of the product before they make such an important purchase.

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