How To Download Twitter Videos With The Help Of sssTwitter

Twitter is a website for people to communicate and remain connected by sharing fast, regular messages. It’s an online social networking and micro blogging site that allows users to send and read short 140 character text messages called “tweets” Twitter is a networking website where users are able to tweet on different things. Twitter has 645,750,000 active users as of 1 January 2014. Twitter is moving up to world broadcasting. Micro blogging is the publishing of very brief entries or posts on a forum or social networking site, normally from a mobile.

Download Twitter videos by adding “sss” to tweet URL

Now we are downloading videos from twitter. Here we mention the method how you can download the videos from twitter.

Simply add “sss” after https://and before, then press the ENTER button to download the video! This is the fastest way to go!

Please, make sure: 

1.You’re on the page that shows a single tweet

2.This page has a video

3.Please see an example below

These are original links:

Modify URL with “sss”:

Still have questions? Watch this video

Note! This method of uploading works only on web browsers, for both smartphone and desktop. If you are using the native Twitter software, follow the directions below to figure out how to stream video from Twitter on mobile devices.

A video from a particular tweet can often be required offline. It’s handy, for example, to have the video on hand when there’s no WiFi. Another explanation why you would need to delete a Twitter video is to delete the video from the owner or from the Twitter administrator if this video breaks the terms of the service.

You can’t download the video from either the official Twitter program or the official website, but the workaround still remains. All you need to do is navigate your browser to, insert a link to a tweet containing a video, and press the “Download” button. Downloading is free and unlimited for all users.

Download Twitter Videos

SssTwitter operates well on both computers: desktop and smartphones. You need a Twitter URL that includes a video to import. Only paste it on our website, and then you can save your Twitter video to a PC or mobile phone of desirable quality, like HD. Below you will find three guides that will teach you how to import twitter videos from Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC.

How to Download Twitter Android

Phase 1.  Open the video that you want to upload. You can do this with a web browser or an official Twitter app.

Phase 2. Copy the Tweet connection.

Phase 3.  Go back to and paste the top page.

Phase 4.  Click the Download button and select the desired quality.

If you have any concerns, please watch the video below.                                          

How to download Twitter videos to the iPhone?

For iPhone with iOS version 12 or older, you need a file manager with an optimized web browser from the App Store, and we suggest “Readdle Documents.” Users of iOS 13 or later will use the Safari browser instead of using the File Manager.

  1. Open your tweet with the video you want to download. You can use either the Safari browser or the official version.
  2. Copy the Tweet connection.
  3. Open the installed file manager software and locate the Browser tab at the bottom right corner. Open it now.
  4. In the address bar of the window, select and press Enter. You should see a field where you can paste the copied link, then press the Download button.
  5. In a few seconds, you’ll get a few links to the video you like. Pick the standard of the video. This is it!

How to download Twitter videos to PC

You should follow the guidance in the previous paragraph to download twitter videos to your Windows PC or Mac from Twitter. There is also an alternative way to copy links to Twitter. You will see a little arrow in the upper right corner of the tweet while opening the tweet you wish to import. Click it, find the Copy link option, and paste the link on the main page.

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