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Twitter has grown to become a powerful marketing platform. Businesses are using the platform to engage with their audience and for brand building. Twitter started out with 140 characters and it has now grown to 280 characters. With Twitter, you can incorporate a wide arrange of marketing strategies like chats, videos, polls, and others. More than 45% of social media users log on to Twitter on a daily basis. Here are some tips on how to get twitter free followers.

  1. Twitter chats

Twitter chats are a great way of getting twitter followers. Here you connect with your audience and key industry influencers to discuss a certain topic. These are venues for taking about opportunities that are unique to your business. With Twitter chats, there is brand moderator, who discusses the topic and then answers questions. The aim of Twitter chats is to provide value to gain the attention of your target audience.

  1. Recorded and Live Videos

Another technique for getting free Twitter followers is through recorded and live videos.  You can include up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds of recorded video in your Tweets. You can configure them automatically when someone clicks the link of your Twitter feed. This is a huge difference from the old 30 seconds. That time Twitter videos were often used as a teaser for driving traffic. The key to this technique is to put all the meat of your marketing message in the short video. Remember your target audience may have a short attention span so keep your video short and simple. With live videos, you can get the opportunity to help viewers personally connect with your business.

  1. Twitter polls

You can use Twitter to get feedback on your products or services from your Twitter followers. Twitter polls can be used by businesses to connect with their audience or identify topics that they can discuss in a Twitter chat.

Twitter polls can be easily created. When pinned at the top of your feed, they can be easily found and used. They can also be retweeted and if all responses are retweeted, they will add up to your total so you can widen your data samples. Make sure that you have goals for each poll and do not run more than one on a monthly basis.

  1. Use All 280 Characters

The switch from 140 to 280 characters was quite controversial. However, research has revealed that the move has brought about more engagements for business. Sending out 140-character tweets was a difficult challenge for many businesses. However, with the longer character length, businesses found that they became more creative with their tweets and their grammar improved making the tweets more professional.

Businesses utilize the longer tweets as mini-blogs or leads to more extensive content on their website. Compared to people and businesses opting for the shorter length tweets, the 280-character tweets stood out from the competition. Make the most of the allotted character to boost awareness and brand building of your business.

  1. Follow the Right People

Your focus might be on attracting followers but your focus should be on following industry followers and influencers. You would want to follow the right people to keep yourself updated with the trends, conversations, and the interests of your audience. You can curate their tweets and add some comments. You can recognize their expertise and then add some to your own. Who knows they might follow you in return? This will help you generate quality followers by association.

  1. Integrate Twitter into your social media plan

Businesses use several social media platforms for marketing but in order to get maximum results you need to really integrate it. You need to understand the platforms that are preferred by your target audience and customize your content accordingly. The key to successful integration lies on ensuring consistency of your message on all channels. Twitter should not be used as the lone platform for promoting your content. It should be incorporated with other marketing strategies.

Twitter offers your business with opportunities for engaging with your target audience. If you will only explore, you will find unique ways for getting maximum results from the platform. Find out how different it is from other platforms and use them to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Andy has grown to be one of the most influential names in digital marketing in greater Seattle area. Graduating with his MBA, focus on Marketing, he has acquired the skill set and experience needed to bring clients under Kayzoe Marketing the highest level of strategic marketing possible. As CEO and Director of Search Engine Optimization he has been able to get Kayzoe and his clients ranked in the top positions of Google time and time again.

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