Everything You Need To Know About Google Ads and Why Your Business Needs To Use It

Google Ads is the key to making successful campaigns that reaps consistent and powerful benefits across all endpoints.

Google Ads changed the world of marketing. As the world is moving more and more into digital platforms and solutions, Google Ads singlehandedly became the most potent method of commercial online advertising. If you want your product to be visible to online users, you need Google Ads.

Google Ads is your highway if you want to reach out to people that use Google when looking for information like shops, services, and businesses. If you know how to utilize it correctly, you’d easily be flooded with numerous people asking for what your business has to offer. It is a form of self-sabotage if you run a business and you’re not using Google Ads.

What is it in the first place?

If you see a company that neatly lands on Google’s first search pages, you can very well be sure that that company uses Google Ads.

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, allows people to have their businesses displayed to customers that are looking for products and services via Google Search and Google Maps. It is a potent tool for any business that wants to directly have access to their target market.

Google Ads allows users to pay only for measurable and tangible results like business calls and website clicks. With a pay-per-click structure, users can easily control their campaign’s budget. Global and local markets can also be easily reached.

How does it work?

Upon log at Google Ads, Google will ask you to choose which among these three goals is your target:

  1. Experience an increase in calls inquiring about your service and products
  2. Have more customers visit your store
  3. Have more people visit your official website or landing page

Once you’ve chosen, you’d then choose if you want a global or local market. You will then be asked to describe what makes your business unique by using three short sentences or images. Upon submission, Google will automatically create an ad copy for your company. If it looks good for you, you will then be asked to set a budget. Google will be able to accurately predict the success of your campaign once you’ve done all the previous steps and have set a budget. With your permission, Google will then make your ad live.

Once it’s live, your target audience will easily see your products and services as it would land top on search results. More and more people will click your ads and you’d be surprised at how fast you’d achieve your goals.

5 Kinds of Google Ads

All five kinds of Google Ads require the previously mentioned steps upon login. However, they differ when it comes to execution and platform. The five different kinds of Google Ads are as follows:

  1. Search Network Campaign – your ads will be seen in search pages.
  2. Display Network Campaign – your ads will be seen in Gmail, YouTube, and the entire Google Display Network with accompanying visual aids.
  3. Shopping Campaign – your ads will be strategically placed with direct links to your products
  4. Video Campaign – your ads will be seen on YouTube and on some Google Display Network platforms.
  5. App Campaign – your ads will be shown in-app ads.

Your Google Ads campaign will always involve at least more than one ad group. Products are presented differently on each kind. Each ad group also has unique sets of keywords.

Google Ads vs Google AdSense

Google Ads is all about promoting products and services on Google properties. On the other hand. Google AdSense allows people with their own platforms like forums, websites, blogs, and videos, to monetize their content by allowing ads of businesses with Google Ads.  Through Google Ads Auction, Google determines which ads are to be promoted via AdSense. For Google Ads users to be chosen in Google Ads Auction, they need to create tailored ads with effective copies.

How much will it cost you?

Google Ads is great because it allows users to fully control their spending on campaigns. It can be strictly programmed to follow a certain budget limit so no user will ever get shocked by unwanted fees and charges. As mentioned earlier, Google Ads is so accurate and precise, it can even easily predict the success of a campaign once you’ve set your budget.

The Top Benefits of Using Google Ads

The following are the top benefits that you will enjoy if you’d correctly utilize Google Ads in your online marketing campaigns:

1. Lead Increase

Google Ads is effective in giving businesses more leads that equate to more customers and an increase in sales and profit. This is because Google Ads can accurately target your market through its used search terms. Having Google Ads is like having a 24/7 sales agent that suggests your products or businesses every time a person would need one. You can reach out to AdWords specialists Perth if you want to be fully guided on the right keywords to target and content to optimize.

2. Flexibility

Google Ads allows users to fully customize their campaigns. Users can choose from different kinds of platforms that can easily fit campaigns of different scope and target.

3. High ROI

Google Ads will only ask you to pay for actual clicks. You’d easily get a high return on investment because all clicks are accounted for.

4. Absolute Transparency

Google Ads is all about analytics. Once your ad is live, you can easily monitor how it’s doing and see if it’s on track and successfully aligned with your marketing goals.

5. Real Massive Traffic

Almost everyone in the world uses Google. If you have Google Ads, you could easily have access to anyone or everyone in the world. You just need to input your target market and Google will take you there.

6. In-depth Analytics

Google Ads will show you how your customers interact with your products or services. If you have this kind of potent information, you can easily and intuitively adjust to the habits and needs of customers.

Everything You Need To Know About Google Ads and Why Your Business Needs To Use It 3

Step-by-step Guide on Setting Up a Google Ads campaign

To set-up a Google Ads campaign, you just need to do the following:

Step 1: Make a Google Ad account.

Step 2: Once logged in, look at your left-hand side and click Campaigns.

Step 3: Look for the plus button and click it.

Step 4: Click “New campaign.”

Step 5: Choose a campaign goal or make one with no goals.

Step 6: Select a campaign type.

Step 7: Choose to Continue.

Step 8: Customize your campaign settings.

Step 9: Save your settings and continue.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to set-up your own Google Ads campaign. So please don’t be overwhelmed and intimidated. It is actually pretty easy and fast. If you don’t have one yet, please make one already to allow your business to experience and take advantage of all its many benefits.

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