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For more than half a century, press release distribution is still one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and visibility for any sort of business in the world. Small or big, whether your company is in the tech industry or a consumer one, the chances are high that a solid press release distribution can bring wonders into your business. But with so many digital marketing agencies online, it’s hard to pick the perfect partner for your press release distribution. Don’t worry. We’ve listed the best digital press release distribution company for your every need.

  1. Newswire – For Maximum Results

Perhaps the best thing about modern press release distribution is able to reach a wide range of customers globally through the internet. More than half of the world’s population has access to the internet. One way to capitalize on this reach possibility is by hiring a company that focuses on increasing web and online visibility. Considering all of this, Newswire is one of the leading authorities in online press release distribution. It’s top-rated among its industry, and it offers clients digital marketing solutions ranging from media databases, wire services, and company newsroom offerings. Their network provides accessible distribution to major news outlets like Google News and Yahoo! News. Newswire’s media database also has around 1.6 million contacts.

Starting Price: $199 for a single one-time press release distribution

Packages: Single PR distribution and monthly subscriptions

PR Features:

  • Auto-Update Media List
  • Campaign Management
  • Clippings Management
  • Contact Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Email Distribution
  • Press Monitoring
  • Press Release Builder
  1. Business Wire – For Worldwide Reach

You know what they say, the bigger the net, the more fish you can catch. The same applies in a press release. After all, the primary goal of every press release distribution campaign is to promote your product to a broader audience. If it’s your goal to reach as many people as you can globally, then BusinessWire is the perfect partner for you. Business Wire’s own NX distribution network provides simultaneous reach to news organizations to approximately 90,000 media outlets in 162 countries globally. Business Wire supports multiple languages including Chinese, French, German, and Japanese. Among their many services are market-moving news and multimedia distribution, online newsroom hosting, and building content marketing platforms.

Starting Price: $325 for a single one-time press release distribution

Packages: Single PR distribution and monthly subscriptions

PR Features:


NX Network Distribution

Wide, Functional Tables

Newsroom Delivery

Multi-Media Channels

Access to platforms like AP and Dow Jones

Free Online Distribution

Up-to-date Formatting

  1. e-Releases – For Overall PR Distribution Service

If you want all of the basics in a neat and tight package, you should partner with e-Releases. Known for being perfect for small businesses and startups, especially, e-Releases offers the broadest potential distribution for the most competitive prices on the market. They provide not only online distribution but also targets real journalists from the Associated Press. Furthermore, e-Releases has a proven track record when it comes to generating genuine interest from real journalists that can lead to news stories and mentions in their articles. In short, e-Releases offers “premium” distribution service for a very reasonable price.

Starting Price: $269 for a single one-time press release distribution

Packages: Single PR distribution and monthly subscriptions

PR Features:

  • Associated Press Distribution
  • Google and Yahoo! News Distribution
  • Distribution to over 5,900 websites with guaranteed 100-republishing
  • Free Image Link
  • Embed Photo +$150
  • Embed Vido +200


 There you have it! These three websites are some of the most highly-rated PR distribution companies out there. They offer different kinds of services for every customer’s potential needs. However, in the end, they all offer one thing: highly successful and maximized press distribution campaigns that can really make a difference for your brand visibility.

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