Designing Your Retail Website: 7 Top Tips

Ecommerce continues to take the forefront with businesses shifting towards the internet. With its superior reach and accessibility, getting to customers becomes easier and faster. Though this time, competition becomes intense with more eCommerce websites appearing among the new ones coming online.

To get past the 200 million active websites, you need to make your website stand out. For this, you need to pay attention to how you design your retail website.

Today, we will look at these helpful tips. This is to ensure your website draws in more customers and stand out in this vast sea of data.

1. Take Advantage of Simplicity

With retail website design, one key feature that you can take advantage of is simplicity. Making the website simple and intuitive allows for customers to have an easier time navigating through the website.

This helps with the user experience. Providing a good user experience would improve the chances of converting leads.

You can use simplicity in every aspect of your web design. It also allows the website to flow well without the clutter. It can also help prevent any chances of reducing bounce rates.

2. Highlight the Brand

Another tidbit in designing your website is to make sure your branding shows. It reflects in the color choices, the font and logo, and the other elements of your website. Make sure to have them appear on the layout and design.

Combine this along with the experience optimization. You can read the definition here. With it, you can leave an impression on potential customers.

Combine this with a simplistic web design. This way, you can come up with interesting layouts that can draw people to stay for a good while.

3. Mobile Responsiveness as Key Design Point

What is another aspect of web design that you should keep in mind in designing your retail website? It is in how responsive it should be. This covers two aspects even if you’re using a retail website builder when creating your website.

One aspect that you would note for responsiveness is how fast it loads and responds on a desktop or laptop. Ensuring a smooth loading time on a computer is one way to ensure customers stay on your website. This also applies to the buttons that the mouse clicks on and the menus it brings out.

While the layout is a tad bit different, responsiveness is just as important. If not, it is the most important aspect to pay attention to with your website. In this case, you have to pay attention to how your website would appear and load on such a small screen.

Mobile shopping is one of the sizeable chunks that drive online shopping, even today. To make sure it helps your business, optimizing your mobile website can help matters.

Consider the thought of using vertical screen layouts for your mobile website. This lets you take advantage of the scrolling motion on smartphones. Also, consider testing the store’s mobile website using your phone to see any errors or issues that may pop up.

4. Make Room for Product and Lifestyle Photos

Visuals are among the pieces that you can use for your website. Photos that show lifestyle shots. As well as other frames that capture the moments of your services offered.

Well-taken images that focus on the products that you offer from your store. These would also suit your retail website.

Place in the right layout and showing the right set of information. With it, you can use them to draw attention from customers.

This makes them want to check out what you offer and place that sale. Relevant details include the product information and the price.

When choosing photos, make sure that you have clear ones of high quality. You can even get the aid of photographers to get you the perfect picture.

5. Include Reviews

It helps when customers see what other customers think of what you offer. It gets even better when they provide excellent reviews that attest to how good your product quality is. This helps in both your website’s visibility and your rankings on the search engine.

With reviews, you can also bring out an element of transparency. This endears your customer to you, allowing you to establish trust.

6. Make Sure to Have Security

Security is a necessity for every website. This applies to every aspect to prevent the website from shutting down. This also includes protection from hackers and having customer information stolen.

You need to look into setting up formidable security systems. This is to protect your website and your system altogether. The HTTPS protocol on your website is one of the encryption setups you can put on your webpages.

Another aspect of security that you should include is in the matter of payment security. In this case, make sure that the website follows PCI compliance protocols. Also, consider using a separate system for anything on customer credit card information.

7. Have a Streamlined Checkout Process

To complete the setup for your website, you need a streamlined process for checking out products from your shop. Your target here is to make it easier for the customer to do it without experiencing any problems or issues.

Another aspect to include is to give opt-in choices to your customers after they paid for the sale. You can also include the option for customers to match their billing and shipping address together when they choose.

Make sure to have details such as shipping fees and policies shown. This includes return policies and other needed details to ensure customers know what they can do in terms of store policy.

Make Your Retail Website Stand Out

With these tips, you would have an idea of how to make your retail website effective. This way, you can draw in more customers to shop with you and buy your products. Push to upgrade your website and make it effortless for your customers to navigate through.

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