Creating Memes That Help Your Online Marketing Efforts

Memes have gradually become an integral part of the online platform, especially on social
networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Memes are mostly created,
shared, and circulated by the millennials. They contain both images, GIFs, as well as text. 

Businesses can use such memes in a clever and smart way to grab the online audience’s attention towards their products and services. Creating memes is easier than many people believe and are even easier to share on social media platforms.

Memes are entertaining and lighthearted and used by several people while communicating
online. May it be funny, ironic, or even sarcastic, since memes grab a large audience’s attention
quickly, they are effective means of marketing your business online

When used in a digital marketing strategy, they can exceedingly boost engagement and appeal
among the audience. This is why memes are slowly being recognized as effective tools for
marketing and creating exposure for a business brand.

A few brands that use memes regularly to amp up their marketing strategy online include
Glossier, Curology, BarkBox, Wendy’s, Burger King, and Gucci. Just like these brands, even you
can make use of effective memes to get your brand the recognition it deserves in the online

How to create effective memes for business?

Look for a suitable image:

When you start with the meme creation process, the primary thing to do is looking for a
suitable and apt image to be used in a meme. This image can be any picture that you
have personally captured, an image describing your service or product, or an edited
version of a popular pre-existing meme.

You can easily get your hands on plenty of popular memes online by carrying out a quick
web search. There are plenty of websites where you can access even the currently
trending memes. While picking the image for the meme, you need to be careful that it
relates to the message your business brand wishes to convey. Memes are also supposed
to have funny, witty, or clever elements for it to become viral among the online
audience. When you pick an already popular meme and edit it, it can significantly help
your cause.

Explore ways in which you can make your meme viral:

If you want the meme you created for your business to be viral, you need to ensure that
it is not just easy to create, but it is easily perceivable by your target audience as well.
You need to create a meme in such a way that it becomes convenient for you to share it
on different social media platforms.

Along with being witty, smart, and clever, the meme needs to convey a message which
seems familiar to your target audience. When your meme is relatable enough, you can
expect to gain more attention from the online crowd.

Select an appropriate theme for your meme:

You must also think about the theme of your meme. You need to think about whether
you wish to evoke a sense of humor or pride through this meme. While creating a meme
for your business, you need to envision your goals and keep in mind the feeling you
want your audience to feel when they see the meme. Your target audience should be
able to understand the meme.

Add text to the meme:

With a set theme in mind for the meme, you can select an appropriate image and add
relevant text to it. It is not necessary to add text to the meme. You can stop at the
previous step if you feel the image used in the meme is self-explanatory.

What memes to create?

Here is a meme template list to help you start with meme creation for your business marketing

  • Which character are you?
  • Netflix’s Tiger king memes
  • How it started/how it ended
  • Famous dialogues from movies and TV series
  • Dolly Parton challenge
  • Woman yelling at a cat meme
  • Broom challenge

While picking any of the already popular memes, you need to be extra cautious about the
image related to off-color or lewd jokes. Ensure that you understand the meme you select to
prevent a scenario wherein it is hijacked and used in the wrong sense. Sharing an offensive
meme will not be good for your brand.

Also, make sure that the text you use in the meme is grammatically correct. However, you can
use phrases that are popular and are not grammatically correct, popularly known as slang.
While doing so, give a thought about how your audience would react to such a meme and
whether they will like it or not.

Once you have created the right meme with an appropriate image and text, it is now time to
share it on social networking platforms. Use your business account on all the different social

networking platforms to share the meme and try pushing it out often to get viewed by a
maximum number of the target audience.

You can use such social channels even to test out memes and pick something that seems to get
a lot of traction and use them for your advertising campaigns.

Tools to make memes

You can find many online websites that allow you to create memes for free. However, when you use such websites, the final created meme will have a website’s watermark at the bottom. 

It is always a better idea to create your own meme if you are good at photoshop, or you can even hire a professional designer to do the same. If you still wish to use an online tool, you can check out online websites like VideoCreek, Memesly, and MemeGenerator for creating memes.

Out of these, VideoCreek is the best online platform to create interactive and engaging memes that can grab the attention of your target audience online. This website has plenty of useful tools that can be used to make effective memes for your business marketing strategy.

When you use memes for your digital marketing campaigns, it can surely grab the attention of many users and eventually help you in your branding efforts by increasing your business’s reach.

It would be a fun and learning experience for your marketing team. While creating memes, you must take the inputs from your social media team to get the most out of it and improve the chances of the meme going viral. You can use VideoCreek to create a funny meme video or GIF; people love these on online platforms. VideoCreek makes it easier for anyone to create a video with its user-friendly interface, do check it. 

Even if the meme you created does not go viral as you had expected, you can use the already viral memes as a base and create a new meme that resonates with your brand; this way, you can create loyal base consumers who would like your brand. 

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