Consistency is Key to Online Success

The internet allows your business to have as many outlets, advertising and marketing options, and means of communicating with your customers and clients as you need. Many believe that quantity is best, and their business appears everywhere, has huge contacts and ongoing communication costs, yet struggle to pay the bills and make the required sales. This is normally because the strength of the message has been diluted or there is no consistency in the messaging or communication, and the brand has suffered because of this.

The key to a successful marketing and communication campaign in an age where personality matters is consistency. To reach and keep an online audience, you need to give them both what they want and what they expect from your brand. What your brand denotes must be consistent; if it’s quality, then it’s quality today and always.

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What is consistency online?

There are indeed a number of things that your business needs to be consistent with. Those listed below are the top two aspects of your online presence that your business needs to look to keep as consistent as possible.

Consistent content and design

There needs to be consistency across the various platforms as well as within each of these platforms. The headings, footers, font, and navigation tools need to be the same so that users find it simple to interact with you. Something as simple as your company email should be professional and consistent across the business. At, you can source an email signature manager, and it’s these simple steps that will go a long way to ensure your customers begin to recognize and relate to your brand.

The content that you share must also be consistent in that it needs to follow a particular theme or speak to a specific grouping. Do not simply re-tweet or re-post content that you haven’t checked out and can verify that it meets your content guidelines.

Consistent voice

Just as important as the content and design are the voice or theme of all your social media and online platforms, apps and interaction points you have with customers and clients must be consistent. The one thing that your business cannot be online is a ‘flip flopper’ with a different opinion, product theme, and tag line on a weekly basis, or a different one on each platform. The only thing that is recommended is changing the tone or focus depending on the demographic groups being spoken to or focused upon. If it is a young millennial, the language and target advice would be different from that provided to a working senior professional close to retirement.

Why consistency matters

The more consistent the theme of the business and the communication that your business has with your clients and customers, the more likely you are to build a committed and dedicated following. It is from this following that your business will derive sales and further promotion to others.

Being online in the data age is critical, but the manner in which your business exists and evolves online is just as important, if not more important, than simply having a presence.

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