7 Factors Why Influencer Reshapes Concept of Traditional Marketing

Innovation. This is one of the vital things that you need to have in order to make your company going. You need to think of a new strategy that will make your products relevant to the public. You can think of integrating Guerrilla marketing to make a buzz or the other one is using Influencer Marketing.

If you’re not familiar with this business term, Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that helps the businessmen focus on the key leaders or those who have large social media followings to promote their brand to the even larger market. In other words, you will hire and inspire influencers who will promote your brand for you.

These influencers are people who are powerful enough to be able to influence others to buy your product. Most of them are bloggers and video bloggers. The idea of this type of marketing is to be able to reach out to the common consumers with the help of these non-celebrity influencers.

How did Influencer marketing change how the traditional one mobilizes?

Traditional Marketing Student

It tells not just a story

Out of the other types of persuasive techniques, emotional appeal and testimonial should be used. Influencers promote a particular product with the use of their experiences and at the end of it, they’ll relate it on the essentials that they’re using–by mentioning the product in a subtle way.

Even though celebrity endorsements are still quite popular these days, influencers have a greater appeal to the masses. Influencers focus on building your brand which celebrity endorsements somehow lack. Since there will be a lot of drawbacks if you will pick a famous person. One is their haters will not buy your products.

Advertising should not be just about telling a story, it’s about connecting with the people. Through that, directing the people to your product is much possible.


It focuses on the engagements

Consumers are curious. They will keep on asking questions. It’s not because of being picky but they just want to make sure that they purchase the right product. If these influencers will start talking about your brand, that’s when where your sales start to generate. But, it would still depend on the number of subscribers or followers of the influencers that you’ve hired.

If the content is the king, there are also royalties in content creation–the influencers. These influencers serve as your middleman. To their loyal followers whom they’ve built a mutual connection with, it’s much easier for them to influence them and to build brand awareness.

Always remember that you don’t need to have millions of followers just to be influential. This is what they usually perceive. Followers do matter. Only if those numbers equal to the number of people who are really interacting with the influencer. Followers can be bought but not engaged followers, can’t.

It helps build trust

People tend to trust people rather than the brands themselves. This is why influencers can build more connection than just a simple advertisement. Advertisements are just the visuals used in gaining the attention of potential consumers. The problem with this is that, how sure are you that they will buy your product after you’ve got their attention?

There are a lot of people who have tons of followings on social media. The challenge here is, you need to make sure that they’re the right people you’ll work with. Last September 23, Forbes released the Third Quarterly Top Influencers Global List In Fashion, Parenting, and Pets.

In terms of fashion, it was Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad topped the spot. The YouTube channel What’s Up Moms owned by Meg Resnikoff and Elle Walker for parenting. For the pets, it was the Grumpy Cat who got the first spot.

To make sure that your influencers can build trust, they should also be trustworthy. This is maybe overacting but you should check the authenticity first before hiring people who will work for you. They will become a part of your company. Whatever they will do will affect not just them but also the product that they’re promoting.

It strives for a symbiotic relationship

Even the term is popularly known in Biology, this can also be relevant on how would the business create a strong bond with the consumers. The keyword here is symbiosis. Using the scientific definition, it is a close, long-term interaction between two species. This two species can be characterized as the consumers and influencers.

Just like how it works in Biology, it should benefit each other. When influencers generate sales because of the customers, the customers should also gain by getting a product that is helpful to them. Symbiosis is a Greek word means “living together”, this will give you a hint that the relationship that the influencers and the public should have is long lasting.

It collaborates with less famous

Unlike the traditional one that companies tend to tie up with the celebrity, the approach in Influencer marketing is quite different. They hire people but these are people who are not even celebrities but known to some extent. Maybe because they are bloggers, vloggers or are close to a famous person.

If your business works with less famous, not to mention that it will be cheaper, you will get that instant connection that normal people like the would feel. Expertise is one of the factors why influencer marketing is better than celebrity endorsements. As mentioned, you can persuade a person based on the testimonies of the experts.

Whenever an influencer who is also an expert in a certain niche will promote a product related to it. The consumer will consider their views trusted and reliable because they are knowledgeable in that field.

How would a person who never uses makeups promote a particular brand of makeup? There are terms that are being used in cosmetics that couldn’t be used in styling the clothes. People will end up questioning the expertise of your influencers if they don’t have a grasp of it.

It works well with Millennials

The younger generation, by 2025, will comprise as much as 75% of the U.S. workforce. That’s why most of the companies are targeting this age bracket when it comes to marketing strategy. The presence of social media makes it easier for influencers to promote their brands.

Traditional marketing involves the advertisements that you see on television, radios, and posters. Since the 85% Millennials are smartphones users and 90% of them are into social networking sites, the impact generated by the ads that couldn’t be found online became limited.

The Forbes also pointed out that 84% of the Millennials don’t trust the traditional way of marketing. This is where the job of the influencers take place. Whether you will like it or not, Millennials are the future. Traditional advertising doesn’t make much effect on the younger generation as it was before.

It also needs support

Even if social media has been the best way to promote your product, how would you able to attract people who couldn’t be able to log-in on those online sites? Influencers aren’t just limited to what you can see online. It also includes the word-of-mouth.

Focus on what your place looks like. Do you think the signage looks better on the overall design of the place? For example, you might see some problems that you haven’t seen before. Just like when you noticed that the letters being printed on the menu are not in equal sizes or other malfunctions that will bother your customers.

If the influencers have done their job in promoting your product, you should also do your part in validating what they are saying about your product. If they say that your establishment is clean and good for Instagram-worthy photos, you should maintain it the way it was since the opening day or else, the people will question the credibility of your influencer.

For a business to be successful, they should keep on innovating to be able to reach the goals of the company. If you think that your strategy is not good enough, think of a new technique. You need to keep on generating more tactics to be able to generate more sales, too. If you haven’t tried collaborating with influencers, maybe now is the time to have one.

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