Questions About Clairvoyant You Should Answer Truthfully

clairvoyantBeing a clairvoyant can be amazing and you will have the gift of being able to see visions, symbols, and signs.  It will be like something is constantly playing in your mind. Even if you have this gift and you feel good about it, chances are that you will doubt this gift.

Doubting is normal, especially when dealing with psychic abilities. It will be as if one day you know that you have this gift and you are strong in it.  You will feel happy and you will always be full of joy and smiling.

Being a clairvoyant on these days is the best thing that you can imagine. Then all of a sudden, there can be strong doubt, out of nowhere.  You will wonder if you are really experiencing this gift or if it is all in your mind.  You will question who you are and what you are doing in life.

When you decide that you are doubting, the best thing that you can do is stop it now.  You can see that you are doing something good and you can trust your psychic abilities.  You need to get over your doubt and learn to accept your gifting and know that you are trustworthy in yourself.

Trusting Yourself

Once you know that you are clairvoyant, you need to have faith in who you are.  You need to stop talking to yourself in a negative way.  You need to make sure that you are not being abusive to yourself.  You have to make the decision that you are going to trust who you are and what your gifts are.

Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.
  • Trust your gifts.
  • Have faith in yourself.
  • Ask your gifts to increase.
  • Ask your spirit guides to give you an insight.
  • Ask for signs.
  • Ask your spirit guides to develop your gifts.

When you are doubtful, you will worry about giving the right message.  Stop worrying about these things and trust your spirit guides to help you.  Ask them to give you a sign.

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Trusting Your Spirit Guides

You must learn to trust your spirit guides to help you.  When you are giving a clairvoyant reading or if you are getting one, you want to know that things are real.  You can tell if you have the gift of clairvoyance by knowing:

  • You have strong dreams.
  • You see people’s auras.
  • You visualize easily.
  • You are always daydreaming
  • You love beautiful things.
  • You had or have imaginary friends.
  • You see symbols and signs.

Take time to practice and learn what symbols you are seeing mean.  Maybe you will see a sign and it is a metaphor of something.  Maybe you will see a vision.  If you cannot figure out what it means, ask your spirit guides to give you direction.


Talk to people that can help you and will lift you up in your gift.  Talk to another psychic or ask someone to share your gift with them.  Do not be afraid of what you have.  Not everyone will understand you but if you have a good friend or family, they will listen to you and support your abilities.

Think carefully about what you are going to share and share with those that will understand you.  Try to avoid people that will not be happy with your gift or will think you are crazy.  It is easy to second guess yourself so find people that have the same gifts as you or people that understand you.


Start a journal and start writing down what you see.  Write down all the messages that you hear and what kind of communications you have with others.  This will help you to see all that you have done when you are doubting yourself.


Increase your vibrations and do this by meditating.  You can learn to trust yourself more and to trust your feelings.  You also need to stay positive and talk to yourself with positive affirmations.

Do not be negative and train yourself to be positive in life.  Having a high vibration can make you have clear seeing.


If you want to increase your gifts, the best way to do this is to practice.  Ask your spiritual guides to help you and do these things:

  • Talk to your spirit guides.
  • Ask for guidance.
  • Journal what you see.
  • If you don’t get straight answers, ask for signs.
  • Meditate every day.


The best thing that you can do is to be positive with yourself and to love yourself each and every day.  Don’t take negativity that people say to you seriously and learn to love yourself no matter what.

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