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  • June 17, 2020
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Digital technology is on a boom and we all are living in the era of digitalization. People are now more connected to each other virtually rather than meeting each other face to face. The way a business works has transformed as the operations and methodologies implemented with a new perspective.

Digital marketing has outperformed traditional marketing methods and is now going to take over the whole market. In the near future, it is expected that the AI-infused digital boards will replace the traditional hoarding advertisement boards.

Businesses all over the globe are transforming their mode of work from offline to online and why not? They get a better chance to reach a vast audience in the same instance and make people aware of the products/services they deal with.

But as countless businesses preferring the same course and the abundance of data that is generated by already existing businesses, what are the odds of your businesses’ visibility?

Some capacious methodologies need to be acquired in order to hike up the visibility of your brand on the Search engine result pages. SEO is the most assertive methods among all. However, having to work with SEO’s one needs to be well versed with digital marketing.

In case of the lack of it, we are always there to help you with its assistance.

Search engine optimization is basically the procedure of increasing the spontaneity of your results in the organic (non-paid) search engines. The investment of the clientele’s time is proportional to the domain authority of the website, the more it is its ranking is going to be.

Increasing the quality and the quantity of the website traffic through organic search results is the main prerogative of Seo. Organic seo services are what makes the search possible to achieve when the Audience’s intent matches with the content provided in a way that search engine crawlers can identify and acknowledge each other.

The goal hereby is to have the maximum engagement of the clients, passing onto the promoting the work, selling products, and even to circulate information in regards to it. If all the boxes are being ticked, it majorly results in generating revenues and building a trustworthy user base.

Search engine optimization is the most exquisite technique to drive traffic towards your website. It is essentially a collection of Strategies and Algorithms that help you assess your page higher in Search engine results.

In turn, helping your website to touch hikes by increasing its visibility to the clients.

The question arises, how would you make your website Seo optimized for best marketing?

Even when your website caters to all the Checklists and does not generate sales. You need to think about its marketing techniques in order to spike its visibility and make it a high ranked website for maximum benefits.

First and foremost, a well-implemented SEO campaign’s chief need is to have the best of tools that deal with keyword searches, in-depth reporting, and link building techniques.

Search engine algorithms are primitive to change and create a capricious environment for their marketers.


Despite the fact of you being a newbie or a professional, here are a listing of best tools for SEO for optimum marketing services-

  • Answer the public: Its USP is Time. It uncovers more than 150 + keyword ideas in a matter of few seconds.

It replicates most asked questions by people into prodigious Keywords.

For eg. People Usually search for X vs Y over Google. The public has a profuse section of results dedicated to the ” vs “keyword.

  • Google Suite: It has you in awe with its amiability as it provides the greatest SEO tools for improving your marketing.

Google reporting/Tag manager: An essential for reporting purposes, It Qualifies you to enter into historical and real-time data on your audience and also allows you to filter and segment into more granular metrics. Combining it with tag manager emerges it to be more of an easier task to set up goals, ideas, and events as it keeps all the tags in a specific container.

Google search console: It holds a high rank in providing with the right search for organic data. Organic keywords data and their ranking in terms of clicks, impressions, CTR, and average position can be seen by Search Console. An eminent tool for submitting side map and indexing status, monitoring site errors, and new enhancement features as such checking speed page and mobile usability.

Google my Business: This tool is perfectly fitted for a business that is local. As per the kind of the business, your GMB must be optimized and the majority of organic searches in today’s time populate map listings. Gaining standing reviews from contending customers by creating a short name link to share should always be remembered.

Google keyword planner: Although it subsides as the part of Google ads platform, it is the pre-eminent keyword research tool for SEO.

After typing upto 10 keywords into the tool, it will split back the average competition level, monthly search volume, and additional keywords resonating ideas.

Google suggested keywords: It is a generic tool other than Google’s keyword planner. It auto-suggests with the term related to the search being typed into google.

  • Screaming frog: One of the other best spider tools of SEO, it generates a user agent to clone google. Used to effortlessly locate errors, mixed protocols, and head to the exact pages where optimization is required.
  • HARO: A well-known Tool as a game-changer, it lays out pitches sent to you a day. The pitches are original of some other websites waiting for your content.

Suggestion: Position your staff to filter all your queries, and respond to the ones fit to you or the client’s niche.

  • MOZ: A multifunctional software tool that allows you to perform Different operations Simultaneously.

It categorizes itself under 4 products namely, MOZpro: Boosts online visibility.

MOZ Local: Increase visibility for local searches.

MOZ content: Increase content strategy and follower wonk for the optimization of social media presence.

  • Yoast: It’s a two-way slide as it doubles up as an extravagant WP tool and audit/review tool that screens websites.

Optimizing your code and increasing site speed Are Yoast’s leading synonyms.

  • Ahrefs: It locates the broken links, unlinked mentions, and audits the backlink portfolio making it a

full suite SEO tool. It also enacts in keyword tracking, generation of new keyword ideas, website audit, and lots more.

  • Merkle: Merkle’s schema mark-up generator is user friendly and provides a variety of structures to choose from. It Provides help ranging to local businesses to FAQ structured data. The structured data set up testing is of utmost help for SEO.
  • Penguin Tool: The tool is best as it co-relates the search traffic with known Google updates. The best about the app is that if you notice your ranking is dropping after the time of a big Google update, then you can figure out where you’re lacking and also fix it.
  • Dareboost: This SEO tool is known best for analyzing the site speed, Search engine optimization, well-guarded security, and much more. It also analyzes your website for things that indirectly impact SEO such as loading speed and internal security.
  • KWFinder: The SEO tool is great as it is known as the no-nonsense Keyword research tool. The best about KWFinder is that it is very easy to use. It is a highly powerful tool as it is a legit keyword tool that lots of pros to using. It also provides you a link profile strength that figures out how many links need to rank for that keyword.
  • Ubersuggest: The tool that provides an introspect of the ranking of your domain and Simultaneously generates new keywords. Backlinking digging is also one of its carry-outs and it proves to be a cost-effective way for keyword research.
  • Zapier: A workflow connecting 1.5K webpages giving you a window for apps to make it work together like google calendar and Slack.
  • SurferSEO: It is Yet another Suite tool that Handles all SEO targeted tasks like SERP analysis, Content editing, Keyword research, and more with optimum sublimity. This tool can also look over 500+ ranking factors in a single sweep of a website.
  • SEOjet: It gives you nuance Analysis of the backlink pool of the pages, This SEO software furnishes insights of your competitor’s backlink profiles. Still focusing on specific page scoring and anchor text generation.
  • Accuranker: Recognized as the World’s fastest keyword rank tracking tool which is capable of delivering on-demand updates. Works best as a backup tool when other tools Fail to deliver or take up heavy time to update true rankings.

Conclusion: Your marketing is sure to Touch skies with these Seo tools. The incorporation of any of the tools would bring in the best results within the very first few weeks. There are also other Seo tools in the Web market to interest but the ones mentioned above are most handed down and have satisfactory ratings and reviews by respective users.

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