7 Tips On How To Keep Your British Shorthair Well And Happy



Owning a cat proves to be helpful not just in our home but for our mental health too. These majestic creatures are good at pest control as they love hunting mice and rats. They also help us relieve some stress from our work by being affectionate or simply lazing around adorably!


Now not all cats are clingy or affectionate- some love to be left alone and be loved when they ask (unfair, I know!). But one affectionate cat breed anyone would love is the British Shorthair! This cat breed is calm and easy to take care of though they need some extra care compared to other breeds.


As cat owners, we always want the best for our domestic feline companions. We want to keep them happy, well-fed, entertained, and feel loved. British shorthairs are one of those sheltered cats that you might have to take some extra steps to keep them happy. In this article, I will give you some ways to maintain your British shorthairs’ health and happiness.


British Shorthair 101


British shorthairs, or Brits, in short, have a broad, massive, and muscular body. It is thanks to their ancestors: the European alley cat and European wildcat. This adorable breed has a round head with a short nuzzle, broad cheeks, and their triangular-shaped ears are pointy and far apart. They also have a thick-strong set of legs and round adorable paws!


Their coats are their defining features because they are dense yet plush to the touch. They do not have an undercoat (read more), and that explains the crease or “crisps” in their coats when they move. Of course, those crisps are one of their beautiful features. Darkish gray or “blue” is the most famed color of the breed and paired with shimmering copper orange-colored eyes.


Of course, their color is not limited to darkish gray as some have cream, red, white, black, silver, gold, cinnamon, and fawn. Their eye colors differ together with the color of the coats too. Variations of Brits also have different patterns such as colorpoint, shaded, and tabby!


Tips On How To Keep Your British Shorthair Well And Happy!


Set Them Up With A Feeding Schedule


British shorthairs, despite their stockier stature, are prone to obesity. No, it does have something to do with their food, but more with their schedules! Obesity is one of the British shorthair health problems as they are known to be easygoing. You can find them loitering or sleeping around the house- It is their favorite thing to do.


So what will happen if you feed and feed them out of schedule and without exercise? You already guessed it, chubby Brits!


So when should your Brits eat? The schedule varies from the food requirements of your Brits, but on average, they require four to five meals per day. The serving is tapered down to half a pouch to manage their weight while keeping them happy with the food they eat.


  1. Take A Trip To The Vet Once A While

Cats are not perfect as they get sick as we do. Diseases like cancer are often detected early during screening, and thus visiting the vet once in a while is essential! With early detection comes early intervention with a good prognosis. So how often should you take a trip to the vet? Well, experts say your cat should visit at least once a year (link: https://www.dailypaws.com/living-with-pets/veterinarian/cat-vet), but there are no limits as to how often you can visit. Sickly cats do need to visit the vet more often than others, do keep that in mind.


  1. Brush The Coat Regularly Or Visit A Pet Groomer

To keep the shimmering coat of your British shorthair, brushing them is the key! Their coats may be short, but they can get easily tangled up. Regular brushing minimizes these tangles, removes sheds, and keeps those remaining hair shining. Once a day should be enough, but if you think they need extra brushing and maybe cutting, try visiting a pet groomer. Groomers are experts when it comes to their coats, and they would restore your cat’s beautiful assets.


  1. Play With Them Using Toys

British shorthairs are lazy, and thus their exercises are often neglected. Playing with them with their toys helps keep them entertained and burns some energy. Now Brits also have some outbursts of energy that happen sometimes.


They would run around like crazy and would scratch or bite things. It may look like unusual behavior, but they are typical. Additionally, their outbursts are the perfect time you should play with them.


  1. Hydrate Them Properly

Cats do not always drink water, and that is the same with the British shorthairs. Their coats are dense and would likely make them sweat profusely during hot weather. Many cats do not drink directly from their dishes, though some do drink, but most likely insufficient. So if you notice your cat does not drink enough water, change its next solid meal into a wet one. How often you feed them with moist food should depend on the climate and how often they pee, so pay attention!


  1. Provide Some Supplements

Not all cats are given enough nutrition for their daily intake, so what should you do to compensate? Provide some healthy supplements, of course! Supplements are circling in the online market and pet shops; some even have supplements like CBD (cannabidiol) to help them cope with health problems. Supplements are optional, but if you want to maintain a healthy cat, it is a must-have!


  1. Clean Their Litter Box Daily

Cleaning kitty litter is a chore, but you have to clean them for your cat. What would you feel like when using a dirty toilet? That is the same feeling with the cats- they dislike dirty toilets. A dirty litter box is unhealthy because bacteria grow in an unclean environment.

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