6 ways a social network can use SMS services

There’re many ways to use SMS for social media. Social media businesses use SMS marketing since it is a powerful promotional tool that allows companies to attract more customers.

SMS Services


Companies can run promotions, but to do so, they need the right timing. The open rate of text messages is near 100%, and when you choose the appropriate time, success is almost guaranteed.

It would help if you also segmented your audience, breaking it down into separate groups based on their activity, demographics, income level, location, and so on.


Companies can run contests offering in text messages high prices for subscriptions, and so forth. People like free gifts. The benefit of using SMS to run contests is that you can quickly engage your audience to participate in this way. You can send your customers text messages with questions or ask them to reply by sending a word. But your instructions should be strict to the point and concise.


Companies can send their customers tips and advice in text messages. For instance, dentists can tell people how to care for teeth, airline companies can tell in SMS messages about cheap destinations and discounts.

Promote your pages

Companies can tell their user base about new content on social media pages, such as video content, news articles, or any other updates they post on Facebook public pages, Twitter, and other channels. Integration of social media and SMS takes your marketing efforts to the next level since it’s a quick way to deliver information.

SMS online for registration

Advertising companies can use SMS services to register new ad accounts on social media, such as Facebook, to use a virtual number for Instagram. They don’t need to buy new SIM-cards and expensive service plans for this. Providers of virtual phone numbers offer an opportunity not to use personal phone numbers and keep your privacy intact. They operate via specific software and hardware that generates real phone numbers of mobile carriers worldwide.

OnlineSIM is one such company. Suppose you need an additional account on any social media or don’t want to register on online services like Gmail or any other website via your personal phone number. In that case, you can get a virtual number from OnlineSIM.

The registration on the OnlineSIM website is pretty straightforward. You don’t even have to confirm your email address when registering.

There’s a list of free disposable numbers on the OnlineSIM website, or you can rent a personal phone number.

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