5 ways data science can transform your business

Data science is one of the most in-demand fields right now because of its ability to potentially transform the online performance of businesses.

Data science robot

Data science robot

Before the ways in which data science can transform your business are stated, it is important to understand what it is exactly and why it is so important in the modern online commerce environment.


Put simply, data science is when you analyze data to find useful trends and other statistics online. The reason why it is so useful is that, while businesses have the ability to collect huge amounts of information online – whether it is consumer trends, website traffic, customer behavior, or marketing performance – this data is returned in a scattered, dense, and confusing form.


If you are not an expert, it is like trying to untangle a knotted clump of Christmas lights, with the key to your business’s next strategy potentially lying somewhere at the center.


This is where data scientists come in. Their job is to combine mathematical skills like algebra with IT expertise and even psychological knowledge, making sense of complicated data and communicating it to you (the business owner) in an easy-to-digest format.


If you have the right data science team, your business can be significantly strengthened as a result. This is why:


You will learn more about your target market

One of the most crucial reasons why data science can transform your business is because it helps you to learn more about your target market.


As a business, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of who your customers are, what they want to buy, and why they want to buy it. Without this information, you may find yourself offering products that you think they will like but which flop when they are brought to market.


You should never presume to know what your market is thinking – this is what data is for.


When you collect data about your customers, you can construct a highly detailed picture of what they want and how you can appeal to them. This data could come in the form of your purchasing process, in which you can find out when they clicked off a potential purchase on your website or even how long they spent reading an advert or landing page about a particular product.


When you have a team of data scientists, you can process this data and build a coherent picture about your target market, therefore better informing your future corporate strategies.


Indeed, if you have a passion for mathematics or pattern-spotting, then you may consider learning more about the subject yourself – through an online MS computer science.


Data gives you a clear idea of what marketing works and what doesn’t

Marketing is one of the core pillars of any successful enterprise, and it thrives on data.


Long before the rise of the internet, marketers had to rely upon basic information like surveys, product sales performances, and more the literal feedback you receive when selling a product to customers in person.


Using these basic methods makes it difficult to gauge what customers are thinking, what they really want, how effective your sales process is, and where you need to improve it. Marketing is, after all, an appeal to the hearts and minds of a particular group of people, and without a thorough understanding of who they are and why they want your products, you cannot hope to pitch to them correctly.


This is where data science comes in.


When you have a large bank of information about your customer base, you can tailor your marketing strategy more accurately – even making different adverts for different demographics within your customer base.


By using data science in your marketing, you will better be able to communicate with your audience, improve the sales process, and introduce the right product at the right time.


You will be able to grow your website traffic numbers

If you are selling products online, then one of the most critically important factors you need to consider is website traffic.


You won’t enjoy many sales if no one is visiting your website, so you should focus your attention on driving these numbers up.


In the past, it would be easy to focus on the total amount of visitors to your site, but in the age of big data, you can focus more on attracting the right type of traffic, rather than people who clicked on your site due to clickbait, by accident or who have no interest in buying your products.


Instead, you can use data to work out what types of content marketing works for your customer base (therefore helping you to focus on that type), why people are visiting your site and what their wider internet behavior is like.


If all goes well, the result will not just be boosted traffic numbers, but a more responsive customer base.


It allows you to adapt your product offerings faster

As a business owner, you will no doubt relate to the headache of launching a product nobody wants.


This happens all the time in business because product sales depend upon a number of different factors – including wider economic and societal trends, the effectiveness of any marketing campaigns, and pure luck.


However, you can undoubtedly stack the cards in your favor by using data science to inform your decisions.


When you have such detailed feedback about your products immediately before and after launch (as well as further into the product life cycle), you can quickly adapt details like price point, sales messages, branding, and even the product itself.


This keeps you ahead of any looming issues and able to better serve your customers.


Keep track of your successes

Of course, data science doesn’t just keep you out of potential commercial trouble; it keeps you abreast of your successes.


It can be tricky to pinpoint exactly how successful a particular product or service offering has been in different markets, as well as how popular your branding has become. These mini successes can be blurred, leaving you unable to find out how healthy your business really is.


Ironically, this can easily lead to unforced errors because you may not realize how truly popular a particular product or marketing campaign is, leaving the door open to you, canceling it, or removing it from the market.


By keeping track of your successes as well as your failures, you can keep delivering what your customers want while learning from why it was popular in the first place.

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