5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Campaign is Not Working

With the latest updates in Facebook and Google algorithms, marketers have gone haywire with all their former planning and strategy. Primarily, companies that did not have a concrete foundation in the marketing segment suffered a lot.

Suspending the means to organic growth and looking out for shortcuts is the first trouble marketers often invite. Rather than focusing on easy ways to make big money, building a solid ground for your launch is essential. Otherwise, no matter how much money you put into your marketing campaigns, you might end up disappointed without proper planning, experience, and correct ways.

Below we will discuss the most crucial elements that marketers miss while designing and executing their marketing campaigns.

  1. Interact With the Community, Not the Numbers

Building community trust is far more essential than just building community in numbers. In the early days, businesses think that every other person who follows their page would necessarily interact with the audience they post. In reality, only platforms like Facebook allow 13 percent organic reach on each post, compelling you to run paid ads with no clicks guaranteed.

No matter what platform you deem instrumental for your business campaign,  think long-term and grow gradually by preferring quality over quantity. The only way to harness brand loyalty among customers is by being consistent with your product or services’ quality.

Suppose social media is your preferred marketing tool, partner with Graphic Design Central Coast, and invest in compelling marketing campaigns. Such investments can help attract the right audience for your market offering, increasing your customer pool. It is better to look for ways to enhance brand value rather than multiplying community numbers with sensationalism.

  1. Do Not Advertise For The Sake Of Advertisement

Advertising for the sake of advertisement is not going to take your anywhere. A simple answer to this riddle is to emphasize more on making the lives convenient for your customer. Think of ways to solve a specific problem of the masses through your product, which may become your USP eventually.

Brands that focus more on solving the problems of their customers in specific segments progress exponentially. Therefore, your marketing should not reduce itself to a mere embodiment of advertisement. Instead, it should be informative and interactive while addressing basic and underlying consumer needs.

  1. Do Not Let the Internet Distract You

It is crucial to research before sticking to a strategy, but you must stick to it once you finalize. Nowadays, new trends surface every other day. The level of distraction has reached its zenith. Therefore, it is vital to be mindful of what you are up to and not sway with the wind.

You must set your priorities straight and focus on things you have planned to do first. Not only will this help in maintaining the composure of your organization, but also in the process of risk management.

Big things take time. Therefore, you must assess your timeline and not be upset if your competitor gains a momentary lead. Another aspect that could reap long-lasting benefits is the constant analysis of your previous ROI versus the current. This way, you would be cautious of your progress and be able to eliminate the bug in your strategy immediately.

  1. Pay Keen Emphasis on Data Value

Data is the driving force of every marketing strategy in the current era. If you and your team lack insight into data analysis and its implementation, you could be missing something very crucial. Nowadays, an adequate understanding of data is vital to base your marketing strategy. Otherwise, you are essentially entering the ring blindfolded.

Furthermore, understanding the various attributes of data in different organization processes besides marketing is also vital. For businesses, marketing is the external reflection of their internal growth. Therefore, if you cannot incorporate a data-driven culture in the organization’s internal and external process, your marketing campaigns could still fall short.

  1. Stop Imitating Big Brands

Posing your social media marketing strategy as Coca-Cola or Adidas will not make you as big as them. These businesses have spent years building brand equity, using big budgets and original ideas. Unless you have investors willing to pay heavy amounts and a capable, creative team, imitating big brands’ marketing ideas will not be fruitful.

Small and middle-sized businesses have it extra challenging. They have to cut through the heavy markets to make way for themselves. Do not get too gullible to believe that people would automatically trust your mission and what you are trying to deliver. Instead, be realistic and humble. Do not hesitate to enter the market with small but smart plans to build your brand identity.

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Do Not Rely on a Single Resource

Today, more and more businesses rely heavily on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, for all their endeavors. However, in reality, social media is just another marketing channel. It is unwise to invest all your bucks in it. Furthermore, social media is suitable for creating an impactful brand presence. But it should not be your go-to option for your entire marketing strategy.

Miscalculations and wrong perception of the social media market could land you in hot waters. Therefore, you must analyze and evaluate your social media strategy periodically and emphasize other aspects, such as Google and email marketing.

Growing your social media community is a better way to engage with the audience regularly. But since the flow of information and ads on social media is overwhelming, you would be less likely to draw the best results. Keep a multi-dimensional approach in all aspects of marketing, and value social media’s power, but do not overestimate it.



If you think you can take a leap and skip the brand-building process to make brand equity work for you, you could not be more wrong. Invest your time and capital into building an image and creating awareness about your brand before prospect clients. Once you acknowledge your mistakes and work towards amending them, you will notice gradual but long-lasting progress with your marketing plans.

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