4 Ways to Optimize Your SEO and Marketing Strategies in Times of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that searches change significantly during a crisis and webmasters need to learn new techniques to optimize your SEO. Businesses had to upend their marketing goals completely last year. Only data can reveal the key points necessary to optimize SEO and marketing efforts in times of crisis. They also had to change the way they looked at marketing and SEO for the success of their campaigns and channels. They realized the need to develop flexibility and the ability to divert their efforts on short notice. 

Optimize your SEO and Markeing Efforts

Businesses also had to modify their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) according to the customer’s expectations from the brand. For example, targeted services, such as curbside pickup and contactless delivery, became more like necessities than unique value additions. Companies also had to shift their SEO efforts accordingly to target the right keywords and other aspects.


We believe that these are some of the marketing strategies businesses have learned during the pandemic. If you wish to learn more, you can visit GrapefruitSEO.co.uk. They can give you more information on the SEO tactics specific to your industry. 

Rely on Data to Optimize your SEO

You must have noticed drastic changes in buyer behavior ever since the pandemic started. People have gotten used to spending more time on their smartphones and interacting over social media. They have also shifted most of their buying needs to e-commerce websites. 


These changes mean that there is more data available on customer behavior than before. So instead of wasting your time with guesswork, you should rely on online analytics more than ever. Many data points can offer knowledge on the new habits and routines formed by your target audience.


You can use Google Analytics to map the journey of your website visitors to understand the changes in customer behavior and decisions. It will allow you to compare the results with the pre-pandemic trends and focus on the gaps.


That way, you will be able to predict the points that resonate with your targeted customer experience. It will also help you formulate local SEO and marketing strategies according to the need of the hour.


You can also take some pointers from the activities of leading companies. For example, AI-based analytics have revealed a shifting trend in social media advertisements during the COVID-19 pandemic. We noticed that the ads focused more on keywords like sleep or rest than on terms like travel. Only data can reveal the key points necessary to optimize marketing and SEO efforts in times of crisis.

Shift Ad Expenditure to CPC and Lower Funnel

The increasing online activities can have substantial consequences on your advertisement budget. You may notice an increase in website traffic and views but not enough conversions or leads. That’s because even though people are spending a lot of time on the Internet checking the news or communicating, they may have less desire or capacity for expenditures. 


Therefore, it will be better to shift your advertisement budget from platforms on channels that prioritize views and impressions. Instead, you can focus on Cost per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC) ads that focus on conversions. They are also better at indicating purchase intent instead of page traffic and views in times of crisis.


The use of CPC or PPC ads will allow you to maximize your revenue margins. You will be able to focus your marketing on channels with higher conversion opportunities by targeting the bottom of the sales funnel. These are some of the avenues that fetch the best results for CPC or PPC ads.


  • Social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram
  • Google Ads and Google Shopping
  • Retargeted ads


These advertisements will enable you to optimize your revenues and minimize your costs during times of crisis.

Make Your Products and Services Relevant to the Crisis

Many companies had sent out marketing emails promoting products that focused on improving the quality of time at home during the pandemic. For example, some companies created games, science kits, or DIY packages to make their products relevant for their target audience.


That way, they ensured that their products offer unique ways to help people who might be feeling bored or cooped up. It allowed them to harness the power of human connection to increase their revenues. 


Therefore, you should try to find a marketing angle that offers your products or services as a solution to your target customers’ current pain points. You can also focus on portraying your brand as thoughtful and empathetic about the crisis. The worst thing a business can do is to come off as lending a deaf ear to the context. 


However, avoid overly optimistic messages in your marketing or advertisement efforts, as they might end up backfiring. Instead, try to focus on critical buyer concerns like delivery time, hygiene measures, product availability, etc. Also, try to promote these aspects of your business using SEO, website content, and social media campaigns. 

Focus on Local SEO and Reviews

You should leverage local SEO sources like Google My Business and other business directories. It makes it easier for the local customers looking for convenience and quick deliveries to find your business.


Also, target positive reviews to boost your online reputation. Your SEO efforts are more dependent on testimonials and recommendations than you think. Google and other search engines crawl through reviews on Google My Business to find reputable options to show on the result pages. Star ratings and reviews are also visible on local map packs, which can increase your click-through rates.


The COVID-19 pandemic has progressed the digital world by almost a decade in the last year. Most businesses have witnessed the need for a transformation in their marketing efforts. We believe that these are some of the best ways to optimize your digital marketing and SEO efforts in times of crisis. If you have devised any such ideas, please feel free to share them with us.

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