4 Essential Instagram Analytics Tools for Your Business

Everyone is on Instagram nowadays – ok, almost everyone has an Instagram account and spends hours and hours watching/liking photos/videos. Probably, some users of this social network are already your clients. Others may become close to your business in one way or another. By analyzing Instagram data, you can convert it into real profit. To do so, you can use one of the following tools for Instagram account analytics.

Information from these tools can help a big variety of Instagram accounts – from pages of popular brands and prominent influencers to small local entrepreneurs and ambitious personalities. Before delving into how to get Instagram analytics online, let’s take a look at what kind of data you can receive and what you can understand on its base.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram Insights via Tools

Making great posts is not the only thing you should do on Instagram – it’s crucial to understand whether those posts are considered great by your direct audience. Through analytics from Instagram, you can get the best feedback, which will show the ways for better development of your social media strategy and maybe even the whole business.

In general, the analytics tools give access to the following audience insights on Instagram:

  • Insight on the performance of your posts and stories – views and likes for specific pictures/videos; comparison of posts from different periods; the most effective tags.
  • Insight on your followers – progress in increasing your audience; numbers of real and ghost followers; accounts that unfollowed your Instagram; gender, age, locations, and active hours of the audience.
  • Insight on comments – number of comments on various posts; the tone of people’s reactions.
  • Insight on your account – its performance in comparison to other accounts; activities throughout the time; discoverability of the account.

Analytics tools may offer different ways to demonstrate and group your data. They are the answer to the question of how to see Instagram analytics. It’s up to you how to use this data. Thanks to these tools, you can understand, for example:

  • whether your posts are relevant for your current audience;
  • which steps to take to get more Instagram followers;
  • how people interact with your account;
  • how to improve the engagement rate.



This service provides companies with a big range of data from Instagram and Facebook accounts. It’s an advanced solution for how to see Instagram analytics – you will get information about impressions of your posts, the evolution of your followers base, the engagement rate for posts and stories, etc. The development team advises on how to use Instagram analytics on their blog.

Iconosquare offers a 14-day trial period for new users. Then you should choose a subscription:

  • Pro – 29€ ($32.5), for marketers and small companies with three social profiles and two team members;
  • Advanced – 59€ ($66), for marketing teams and big companies with five profiles and three team members.
  • Agency – with no specified price but with all the features unlocked and ten social accounts allowed.

Check out more info on the official site pro.iconosquare.com.



This service positions itself as a tool for influencer campaigns and answers on how to access Instagram analytics of others’ accounts, so you will know with whom to cooperate. HypeAuditor also helps to track influencers and track the campaigns’ performance.

The service has a free version of Instagram followers analytics for one linked account. You also can choose a subscription:

  • Starter – $299 per month, 30 reports included;
  • Pro – with no specified price, all the features unlocked, and an individual number of reports available.

Check out more info on the official site hypeauditor.com.


Insights on Instagram

It’s an internal tool of Instagram, and it provides business accounts with all the basic analytics. So, if you were asking yourself – does Instagram have analytics, now you know the answer. And the next question is – how to see insights on Instagram? If you have a standard account, you should switch to a business one through the settings menu. Then you will have access to data in three categories: activity, content, and audience.

It’s free to use Insights on Instagram, but this tool has a limitation – you will not see data from the period before changing the account type. External tools give more detailed analytics.

Check out more info on the official page Insights on Instagram.


Instagram Audit from Likigram

This service offers lots of powerful tools for both personal and business accounts. It’s not limited by Instagram and offers also tools for Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube accounts.

Instagram Audit is an easy-to-use tool that gives the basic data absolutely for free – probably, it’s the simplest answer on how to view Instagram analytics. You need to enter your Instagram name in the special field and you will get data on your followers, likes/comments ratio, and engagement rate. One of the most unique features here is getting a grade for your account, for example, A for Great Engagement Rate.

Check out more info on the official page of Instagram Audit.

Hopefully, this article answers the question of how to get stats on Instagram. Choose the best analytics tool for your goals and think on data from them carefully – success comes with the real steps taken on the base of this information.

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