3 Reasons Why SEO Marketing is Here to Stay

From Panda to Penguin, every few years an update hits Google’s search algorithm and sends SEOs around the world into a state of panic. The same proclamations of the last few years emerge – namely, that SEO marketing is all over.

Of course, it’s only a small minority of websites that are hit by these updates, and largely ‘black hat’ unethical ones. From its integration with PR to its value for PPC marketers, read on to learn three reasons why SEO marketing is here to stay.

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SEO is a natural endpoint for successful PPC campaigns

PPC is essentially a faster, more expensive version of SEO that’s a little easier for advertisers to optimize. As such, SEO is the natural endpoint for a PPC campaign that’s already been optimized to profitability.

If your business invests heavily in PPC through Google Search, think about taking your PPC target keywords and using them to build an SEO campaign. Some of the best SEO campaigns have emerged from large-scale PPC marketing.

With the right strategy, SEO is stable for the long term

A lot of SEOs, particularly those that deal in ‘black hat’ strategies, react negatively to search quality updates. For ‘white hat’ SEOs, however, updates to Google’s algorithm aren’t an occasion to dread, but an occasion to celebrate.

Why? Because every update to the algorithm results in fewer low quality websites in the rankings and far more high quality websites. If your website is built with quality as a priority, you have nothing to fear from Google’s search quality updates.

SEO is easy to partner with PR and all-round branding

Big companies benefit the most from SEO because they have an established brand that attracts links on its own. Smaller companies can benefit just as much with an investment in branding and public relations.

Some of the best SEO links can come from interviews, newspaper coverage, and other online publicity. Combine your SEO efforts with a formal PR campaign to unlock the true long-term value of SEO.

Andy has grown to be one of the most influential names in digital marketing in greater Seattle area. Graduating with his MBA, focus on Marketing, he has acquired the skill set and experience needed to bring clients under Kayzoe Marketing the highest level of strategic marketing possible. As CEO and Director of Search Engine Optimization he has been able to get Kayzoe and his clients ranked in the top positions of Google time and time again.

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