Are you worried about hiring a Seattle SEO firm? Although SEO isn’t expensive, a lot of business owners are concerned about signing on to a long-term deal for SEO that fails to deliver the results it promises.

If you’re looking for an SEO firm, try looking for one with these three characteristics as part of its public image. While many SEO firms sell their services using promises and flashy sales tricks, these qualities are all signs of an effective SEO firm.

Satisfied clients in the Seattle area

If you’re hiring an SEO firm to manage your campaign in the Seattle area, make sure you go with a local firm. While international companies can achieve success in local regions, they’re generally at a disadvantage when compared to local SEO firms.

This is because they don’t have the access to other websites in your region, all of which are valuable to your website’s rankings. Other issues can include email and phone communications, which are often slower with an international firm.

A proven system for SEO results

The best SEO firms don’t just generate results – they generate results using a proven system that can be replicated to apply to other clients. Although every website is an individual project, certain tactics can be used effectively on all clients.

Look for an SEO firm that uses a system, not just blind luck or random actions. The best SEO firms are analytical and results-driven, relying on proven systems instead of just mindless link building or content-driven campaigns.

Long-term results, not just temporary rankings

It’s surprisingly easy to rank a website on the first page of Google if you aren’t at all worried about long-term success. ‘Black hat’ SEO has been doing this exact thing for years, often with results that last for just a few months at a time.

Your business depends on long-term planning, and hiring an SEO company that only thinks about today and tomorrow is a major mistake. If you’re asking a firm to give you some examples of its successes, make sure they’re long-term success stories..