Posting video online has become just as prevalent as blogging – with YouTube being the second largest search engine on the internet, it’s no wonder that more users are choosing video as quick, appealing pathways to convey information.  The difficulty with video marketing, however, is making it visible.  Search engines read and rank text on a page, but not video.  This is a job for an SEO consultant!  Here are some quick tips and things to look out for when you’re dabbling in video marketing:

Organize your videos- First off, if you’re planning on having multiple video posts on your website, it’s always good to be organized.  Keep them in a directory, and use a sitemap so that search engines can find and index them easily.  Make sure that you create user-friendly URLs for your videos as well.  Think of something like “” instead of something along the lines of “”  See the difference?

Avoid Flash player– Sure, Flash makes enabling video on your website easy, but it’s difficult for search engines to read and register.  Flash can also be unfriendly to some Internet browsers, and will often require the user to download an extra plugin, which they might do, or they might decide it’s too much trouble and go elsewhere for what they’re looking for.

Finally, make sure that the viewers can rate, comment on, and share your video.  This is how users can boost your visibility, and how you can connect with the people searching for your services.  They can also provide you with invaluable feedback on how to improve their experience.

Ultimately, there are no secrets to video marketing, and it’s not much different from what SEO professionals already handle.  Videos should be made well and optimized, treated with the same attention and integrity as the articles and other content on the website.


By Andrei Buiciuc