As professional SEO consultants, we’re familiar with the disputes over what to prioritize in the process of building a website and garnering the attraction of search engines.  One argument that we’ve seen come up a lot is quibbling over what matters most when creating content for a client’s website, and right now, many are saying User Experience Optimization should be the new focus.

First, let’s boil down part of what SEO professionals do in regards to link building: they target, build, and use ranking authority in the form of external or off-site links.  Once that off-site authority has been established, it can be used as leverage on-site.  What it comes down to is, without off-site links drawing users to your domain, your site will never have any rankings.  Several SEO professionals have pointed out that, regardless of the quality of the site’s content, without the rankings given from those links, the site is worthless.  They make the argument that it should not be the priority of an SEO professional to chase after user experience, when the basics of their job cannot always place the needs of users first.

These are valid points to be taken into consideration, but the quality of the content on the site shouldn’t be disregarded so easily.  The content factors into the usability of the website, which in turn generates a valuable user experience.  An SEO professional should not disregard the character and value of a site because they only want to create content for links as opposed to creating content for users.  SEO and user experience can blend and be delivered together in a finessed package, pleasing for both client and users alike.


By Andrei Buiciuc