The tweet says, the Panda update is going to affect approximately 1.6% of the search queries across the web. 
The naming 3.4 is yet not decided from just a few words from the tweet.

1. High-quality sites algorithm data update and freshness improvements:

This is definitely a concern for many bloggers, especially if you are just writing outdated stuff on your site. Freshness algorithm was previously installed for mainly news data, but now it has been installed for all search queries. Not just the freshness improvements, but also the high quality sites algorithm which can affect if you are not giving high quality stuff on your pages. If the quality and uniqueness of your articles are par below the average level across the whole web then your pages may be ranked lower. Now, Google can easily detect and rank quality sites higher with ease (the algorithm is in place).
Suggestion: Give unique titles and write unique contents which have not been written elsewhere. Sometimes, this is not possible (but suggests you to give the best when composing an article/tutorial to make it look original and informative).

2. More relevant image search results:

The algorithmic update for image search results is something really nice for people searching for images. But, as a blogger’s point of view, making images SEO friendly is important to get listed better. Now, good news for the blogger community is the image results would be as relevant as possible even if the pages containing the images are of low quality. That’s something cool from Google.

3. Tweaks to handling of anchor text:

The recent panda update has created a scoring system to determine the quality of the anchor texts used to link pages. Anchor texts are nothing but the text which appears to the users for a given link. The robust scoring system for anchor text would score a webpage or site lower if the site gets linked with irrelevant anchor texts. That’s one of the prediction on the new algorithm.

4. Improvements in date detection for blog/forum pages:

That’s something to ponder upon when it comes to blogs and forums. This is with regards to the “freshness algorithm“. Google can now easily detect the blog/forum’s dates to deliver the results based on the queries.

5. Improvements to freshness in Video Universal:

If you have a quality video blog, then you are going to benefit out of this venture from Google. Stale videos will be pushed down the results and fresh videos will be listed higher now.


By Andrei Buiciuc