Choosing the best SEO firm is never easy. With a lot of firms, both international and local, vying for your business, picking an SEO firm that represents your interests as a business can be a very difficult task.

Thankfully, there are a few characteristics that separate the great SEO firms from their low quality competitors. From testimonials to expert advice, use these four characteristics to choose the best SEO firm for your business.

Look for client testimonials

Client testimonials are a great indicator of SEO success. If a firm is attracting lots of clients that leave positive feedback, it’s likely that it’s achieving great results for its clients. Search for firms with positive testimonials – not just faceless companies.

Choose experts, not salespeople

There’s a big difference between an SEO company driven by knowledge and an SEO firm driven by a sales team. While the best SEO companies might be backed up by a great sales team, they will always have skilled technical staff running their company.

Ask for examples of success

Good SEO firms can give you testimonials from clients. Great SEO firms, however, can give you case studies of what they’ve achieved for their clients. If you’ve found an SEO firm that you think is a good match for your business, ask them to provide some case studies of previous SEO campaigns, along with their results.

Avoid aggressive contracts

Generally speaking, it’s best to sign a contract that’s for no longer than one year if you’re working with a new SEO firm. Some firms ‘trap’ clients in long contracts and ultimately fail to deliver any results. A good firm will let you choose a contract that is long enough to show results but not so long that you feel trapped as a client. And that is what makes and amazing SEO Company.