Website/Graphic Designer Internship

Kayzoe Marketing is one of the leading digital marketing firms in America. Our purpose is to ensure that our clients are getting the highest quality work, customer service and return on their investment with us. We work with a wide range of companies varying from local nail salons, chiropractors, attorneys, etc., to multi-million dollar companies like Radio Shack, NBC, Nordstrom, and more.


Why does Kayzoe do Internships?

One of the things we don’t like about interviewing candidates is that you can only see the front they put on. It is very difficult to truly know who you are hiring until they’ve actually been there long enough. Although our internships are not paid, we generally bring on over 85% of our interns as paid staff. Applying for an internship means putting skin in the game. Internships with Kayzoe are designed for born leaders who know if they are given a chance, will impress the pants off the competition! One of our most well-known internship stories is a marketing and sales intern who made his was up to our CMO position.


Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Motivated highly organized, detail oriented, group and independent worker.
  • Solid writing and verbal communication skills; attention to detail is a must!
  • Strong commitment to completing time-sensitive projects on-schedule, for a wide variety of clients; ability to juggle multiple tasks at once without dropping the ball.
  • Has the knack to self-manage in a very fast paced and energetic environment.
  • Passionate, energetic, and outgoing.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (especially Word and Excel).
  • CREATIVE! You KNOW when something DOES and DOES NOT look good.
  • Desire to lead & grow other employees.
  • Favorite hobby: surfing the Internet.
  • Fastish Typer (40 wpm or more)
  • Doesn’t miss details; can find that needle in a needle-stack (let me guess you were expecting in a haystack?)!
  • Wakes up on time. Yeah, we don’t want you to be a lazy butt. Be someone who brushes their teeth too.
  • Do you have ten ideas a day like? AWESOME . . . We’ve got a place where you might be able to finally leverage it.
  • Debaters are cool. Yes, we want you to be the most honest person possible. So, don’t just take it if you don’t like it.
  • We hate people who are silent. You had better speak up at meetings and love to be social.
  • We also hate annoying people. So, be funny, be cool, and just be a good person.
  • Love dazzling clients. That’s all we do at Kayzoe Marketing. So, you had better enjoy doing that.
  • Creative (YES we are mentioning it again). Can problem solve without getting frustrated.
  • Must be able to continuously monitor industry trends, technologies and standards and be able to research, recommend, and apply new technologies as they emerge.
  • Are you a know it all? Well, go and work for Microsoft or Boeing. We want people who want to learn for the rest of their lives.



  • Experience with Photoshop.
  • Experience with Illustrator.
  • Experience designing in WordPress.
  • Understands and has experience with website designing.
  • Experience with responsive design is a plus.
  • Experience with InDesign and other Adobe Products is a plus.


Primary Responsibilities include:

  • Talk to clients to get an understanding of their website needs.
  • Design and deliver a mock-up to the clients.
  • Modify the mock-up according to clients desired changes.
  • Converse with clients on desired final changes on the live site.
  • Converse with clients to get the final needed changes on their live site.
  • Perform ongoing design modifications to existing client websites.
  • Continue learning new skills to help add additional ‘add-ons’ for future clients.


If you think you have what it takes

  • Take the next step by filling out the Web Design & Graphic Design Internship application HERE