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Kayzoe Marketing

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Seattle, WA 98108

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SEO Company Services

Our Small Business SEO Services

Kayzoe is one of the Leading Small Business SEO Service providers in the Northwest. We have maintained a reputation of Honesty, Integrity and Reliability. Our client retention rate is over 95%! We offer Small Business SEO Services that provide real results and ROI. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t an exact science, it isn’t a roll of the dice either.

Kayzoe, Your SEO Company

Other, SEO Companies

We have an office, with an entire team dedicated to individuals specialized in SEO services like content writing, on-page SEO, SEO optimized website development, marketing, branding, manual backlink building, and more.

They live in their mother’s basement because they just got fired from their old IT job, they duplicate articles, or buy in bulk from China, post in random blogs that get deleted at random (lowering your ranking), and really do nothing.

All of our SEO Services are white hat, Google tested & approved. We fully create, integrate, and maintain (add followers/likes, post, respond to questions, etc.) your social media profiles. We also stay up to date with Google’s algorithmic changes via consistent testing and research.

On a serious note, this is something to be very weary of! Most SEO Companies do a colismic (we just made up that word) amount of Black Hat SEO services, which can potentially get your website banned by Google. This is a serious danger, and sadly it happens often in the SEO industry.

Good Links VS Bad Links

Black Hat vs White Hat

Our Case-Studies show, not only clients who have been exceptionally profitable with our Marketing Campaign, but also extremely competitive keywords that are ranking well and have a very high search volume.

Many Search Engine Optimization Companies try to show off a portfolio of websites they got ranking to Google’s front page that are not competitive – less than 10 people per month searching for those keywords.

SEO Companies – Techniques to Watch Out For

With so many SEO Companies offering everything but a guarantee, it’s hard to know which companies offer good, bad and terrible SEO Services. The Northwest, Seattle especially, is the technology capital of America, and has as such produced the most SEO Companies. So in order to protect Small Business owners, our SEO Company has complied a Black-List of "Things that are not real ‘SEO Services’ " so you can be educated when interviewing other SEO Companies.
1. Regular website submissions to hundreds of search engines
2. Only offers Meta tag optimization (what are we in, 1997?)
3. Reciprocal linking (exchanges links with other sites)
4. Cloaking (P.S. – Google HATES this)
5. Utilization of link farms (ask your "SEO Company" to give you a list of back-links they’ve created)
6. Duplicate web pages (duplicate content + your website = angry Google)
7. Doorway pages (great idea, until Google bans your site)
8. Keyword stuffing (this hasn’t really worked since 1997)